Lost Paddy key tassel - Where to get it replaced?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am missing the leather tassel that ties the key to a 06 sand-colored paddy. I was wondering where I can get that replaced? Thanks
  2. Contact Chloe, either via email or in person at a boutique... they should be able to help you. Sometimes they have them instore as well and don't have to order them. When I was last in a Chloe shop, the SA just gifted a spare key (without the leather strap) to a customer. It must have come off a defective bag or something - I'm not sure if they're allowed to do this, but you might get lucky, especially if you're a good customer!
  3. thanks, i figured i'd do that. i called the chloe boutique at the mall, but realized it was closed early on sunday hehe. Its a rarer color so that's the only thing im worried about.

    btw, i see your from australia. i really really want to go there!!!
  4. Yeah I think they can be replaced at a boutique, too. & every once in awhile, there are Chloe keys w/ tassels on eBay. =)