Lost package?

  1. So I bought a Dior makeup palette off eBay and asked the seller (who was from the US) to send it to me via Priority Mail with insurance. It's been 15 business days and the package is nowhere to be seen :cursing: even though Priority says it should take 6-10 days to reach me here in Vancouver, Canada.

    The seller has been helpful in answering my emails, however there was no tracking number so I have no idea where the package is right now. She will be scanning the custom forms she filled out at the post office to me, to ensure that she has actually sent the item off.

    I know Canadian customs are a real pain in the a** sometimes but seriously, should it take this long for such a small package like a makeup eyeshadow palette to reach me? Am I just being paranoid? I called my local post office and nothing is being held there for me.

    I looked up the insurance for Priority Mail and I'm confused as to what counts as a "Flat Envelope Parcel" because if my seller sent it under that, there is no tracking number. But for all other Priority Mail packages, there is a tracking number included. I'm extremely confused and worried. I'm beginning to give up on eBay as I hate having to deal with all these issues (I got scammed once before).

    Good thing is that I paid with Paypal!!

    Anyone have any advice as to what I should so as a buyer? Is it the seller's responsibility to make sure the package arrives or is that responsibility out of their hands after they ship it? Help, please!!!!
  2. If this seller is respectable (and really did ship) she should be working with you to find out what is happening. I must say though.. I have dealt with extremely LONG shipping times ever since the new year. I honestly think it's still a back up from all the gifts that went out. On a couple different occasions it took me almost 2 weeks to receive packages from New York (which is only 1 1/2 hours away from me!!).. Is it taking long to get to you? Yes. Is it that weird? No.
    I would definitely make sure you get the "proof" that this was in fact shipped and then once you get that I would make a call to the Post Office and give them whatever # is on the customs forms she filled out.
    See what they say- but I wouldn't be freaking out just yet.
    Priority Mail sometimes takes forever, and sometimes its lightening fast!!
    Keep us posted!
  3. it could be held up in customs? :shrugs:
    I sent a package to the US recently, it usually takes around 10 days to arrive and now it's been a MONTH and it's still stuck in customs! It's really frustrating and I don't know why it's taking so long, but there really isn't anything to do but to wait. Either way, you have 30 days to file a complaint with eBay, so just hang in there a while longer :flowers:
  4. It could be held in customs. I sold a Tokidoki bag to someone in Canada in December, I shipped it out a week before Christmas (via USPS Priority Int'l) and she didn't receive it until 2-3 weeks into January! :shocked: I was so afraid that it was lost and stuff but something just held it up and it ended up being in customs. There is no tracking number and I think a lot of people might not know about this but you can actually track it with the customs form label (if it's Priority or EMS)- it works on both the USPS website and Canada Post website. Just make sure you add "US" to the back of the customs form label # if it's not already there when you track it on the canada post website or it won't work. Hope you get it soon!
  5. Thanks everyone for the input!
    Good news! I took the advice of missyanne and using the code on the customs form label, I was able to track the package! YAY!
    The last known update is "Out of Foreign Customs, January 28, 2008, 8:14 am, CANADA" ...what does that mean? Does that mean that the package is on a truck somewhere, waiting to get delivered?
  6. Yes I would say so
  7. that's so annoying how long packages take in customs... but now it's good to know the tracking information, which I will be sure to use in the future.