Lost package??!!??! - UPDATE- FOUND!!!

  1. As some of you know I posted that I bought a dress from Net-A-Porter last week. I completely realized that it should be here by now and just checked online to see that it was delivered on the 27th- and signed for- but I don't have it?!?!?!?! I am in a building with a doorman and everytime I have a package come in, they give it to me right when they see me- but now I'm really scared that someone else took it?! :shrugs:

    I'm going to ask the doorman in the morning... but what if he says he has no idea... HELP!! What do I do???? :crybaby:
  2. Aww Megs... :sad: Can you check to see WHO signed for the package?
  3. It says on my slip... but I do not have any idea who this name is- it is not the usual doorman...!!! Unless that is his last name...
  4. Since you have the name of the person who signed for your package, ask the building manager or whoever who manages all the doormen and see who the signature belong to. I'm sure it must be someone with the authority to sign for the package so that person must most likely work for your building.
  5. If you have a tracking number, you can get a copy of the signature with a fist initial and last name. When Fedex/UPS makes deliveries that require a signature, the drivers must get the person's last name when they sign and put it in their computer. If you get that info, maybe you can figure out who received your parcel?

    It's possible that it was misdelivered to a completely different address, too. That happened to me once. The tracking info said the package was delivered, but I was home all day and nothing had come. But it was just a book from Amazon so they just shipped it again.
  6. Hi Megs, are you in an apartment? My leasing office signs for UPS/Fed Ex packages. Check with them!
  7. I'm going to go ask downstairs in a few minutes... it was sent from Net-A-Porter through DSL shipping.... so it got here the 27th and I haven't seen it!!!! Ughh.. but I have the name of who signed it online...
  8. As long as they have the name you should be OK..let us know ASAP...GOOD LUCK!
  9. It has been recovered!!!!! :yahoo: The guy downstairs got confused because I am sub-letting so he gave it to the neighbor. Now it is in my possession and I already tried the dress on- soooo pretty!! It is a Catherine Maladrino- fits kinda small, but so cute!! :girlsigh:

    Now my day can go on normally!
  10. Pics??????
  11. ^ I broke Vladi's cam.... or it broke on me... umm... let me see if I can fix it and then the pics will come!! He might kill me, but it def would not turn on when I met Collin Farrel- I nearly cried for 18 days...
  12. Ah, glad that worked out ! :biggrin:
  13. Glad you got your dress!
  14. I'm so happy that you got your dress! I bet it looks gorgeous on you.
  15. Thanks everyone!! I will try to get the camera working and take a picture! I wish I didn't eat 4 bowls of cereal for bfast... I gotta suck in with this dress- it runs small!! HAHA :shame: