Lost Package at Revolve

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  1. I ordered four pairs of jeans from Revolve when they had the 20% off code and with no restrictions I went for it.

    Well, the package says delivered via USPS, but since it was lower than $700 no signature was required. It never showed up!

    One package before (small ticket item) went missing and they happily refunded me.

    This time, they want me to sign a legal affadavit stating this is the second package and last that I can claim missing and they will file a mail fraud claim with the USPS and I may be called to testify, etc. because of this.

    I'm kind of weary of signing such a document because what if it does happen again. USPS just leaves packages on my doorstep and how is it my fault that someone takes it? It's not my fault Revolve doesn't get signature confirmation or anything to protect the buyer.

    I want my money back and am considering going through my credit card to get it instead of signing the paper.

    What would any of you do? I feel if I sign that document I'm signing away any right to claiming lost packages in the future.

  2. Try calling the store and speaking with a manager. If you decide to dispute this charge, you won't be able to until you try to work it out with Revolve first. The Revolve store is in West Hollywood. I see you're in CA, but are you close enough to the area to stop in? I find these things get resolved more quickly and easier if you meet with someone face to face. This is why I very seldom shop online or over the phone. That, and to be able to see the item before I purchase it to make sure it's not defective.

    For the future, I'd suggest you insist that you get shipping that requires a siggy. It's worth the extra $, especially for a $700 purchase.
  3. Don't sign. If Revolve is not willing to work with you, then do a chargeback through your CC.