Lost out on Ebay..Again! Should I just buy at Elux?

  1. :sad: Just been out bib on Ebay for a excellent condition Cabas Piano. Although I am skeptical of Ebay I did not want to get this bag brand new because of the leather bottom. But now I am thinking I should. Excellent/very good used authentic ones are few and far between and they alway go for a lot more (This one went for only $245 less than a brand new one and it was 3 years old.) So I am thinking I should just get a new one (put of buying a wallet for now) and be very carefull with it. Whay do you think?

  2. Sorry to hear :sad:
    Keep looking you'll find one.
  3. I would keep looking. They are always popping up on Ebay.
  4. I have noticed that too. The popular ones are not so much cheaper than the new ones.
  5. I have to tell you, I LOVE the wallet I just bought, totally worth it. So maybe keep on a lookin??
  6. I say you save a lil more and BUY IT NEW!!! I ALWAYS buy my LVs new from the store because (1) you're guaranteed its authenticity, (2) great customer service with SAs who show you much more stuff than your eyes can take (i get really high from this...haha), and (3) first hand is always more 'personal' to ya than second. I get very attached to my bags and I can't ever imagine 'MY stuff' being owned by someone else beforehand. Iono... Some ppl just prefer to have everything new while others don't mind. For me, I'd only buy from a non-authorized LV seller if and only if it's a limited edition piece.

    Sure, it may be more trouble taking care of the vachetta on the bottom, but doesn't this also mean so much more? I mean, if I spend about 1000$ on a bag whether it's used or completely new, I would naturally take REALLY good care of it. It's not like once you dish out all that money for a used bag, you'll be guaranteed to be able to bang it against the wall without worrying about the leather cuz it's STILL quite an expensive bag. Thus my point is, regardless of whether or not it's new, you should still take good care of your bag.
    Anyhoo, good luck! :biggrin:
  7. If you can I would save the money and purchase a new one.
    No stress then with aunthenticity concerns, post office delivery etc. Good Luck!:P
  8. I would save money and buy new. :yes:
  9. Personally, I love pre-owned LV. Maybe b/c I'm collecting as well as using. I would keep my eyes peeled on Ebay just in case but if you do get tired of waiting, you can always get it new.

    I love a great deal though on authentic bags!
  10. I think she wanted a bag with patina on the bottom so that she doesn't have to worry about it as much. So I say keep waiting.

  11. Agreed :smile:
  12. I totally agree. Good Luck as well!
  13. If you can, just save your money and buy a new one. I'm staying away from ebay. Just too many dishonest sellers:hysteric:.