Lost one of my stud earrings - I could cry!

Jun 19, 2013
Oh Ladies! I have lost one of my beloved Piaget stud earrings last week. I‘ve searched everywhere, turned the house and the car upside down - nothing. I called my jeweler and meanwhile also contacted Piaget, unfortunately this series is no longer in production, so no replacement is possible.
If you have any idea what I could do with the remaining piece, please let me know!
My last hope: Just in case that one of you has suffered the same fate, get in touch with me, at least we could one of us make happy again.



the boonies of illinois
Mar 14, 2006
the boonies of illinois
Firstly--do you have them on an insurance policy? Getting some $$ might ease the pain (but not much).
Secondly--keep looking!

I know you've turned everything upside down but believe me, these things know how to hide. Go through your clothes hamper, pant cuffs, sofa cushions, pockets, behind the toilet (I know--eww--who knew so many spiders lived there), outside under the deck if you have one. And the car--the stuff I find between seats or on the rear seat floor, unreal.

Recently I took my sofa cushions to be reupholstered and when I pulled them out and off, pushed way back under the back of the sofa I saw a glint of gold and damn--it was a pair of hoop earrings I thought I lost years ago, they were tucked in so tightly, weren't even bent. And I do vacuum the sofa occasionally so they were really hidden well. Good Luck!!:tup: