Lost on my resume

  1. Hi gals,

    I am currently working on my resume....and I am TOTALLy stuck on what to say about my first job, which was at COLD STONE CREAMERY. It's a terrific icecream place.

    What I did there was stuff liek take orders, create the icecreams, ring them up, and etc!!

    How the heck do I say all that stuff in a professional way?

    :wtf: Please help, or else I might end up just saying " Professional Ice Cream Designer and Taster"

    hee hee...

  2. You could put that you have excellent customer service and communication skills, you're punctual, a hard worker, you can work in a team/group
  3. ^^^ITA with cutiepie! Think of the work qualities you demonstrated at Cold Stone - these are what you can bring to your future employer! These are all definitely applicable to every job!
  4. Exactly!! The skills you learn in customer relations, communications, multi-tasking, problem solving, all will benefit you with future employers :yahoo:
  5. lol, thank you ladies. ill work on that !

  6. arr i hate doing resumes haha, but like everyone has said little jobs like that build skills so it may seem like a pointless lil job but its not. just look at how ppl look for 'mcdonalds' on a resume [in canada they do atleast] .. too bad im too stuck up to ever work there tho
  7. lol yeah....my first job was at cold stone serving icecream and it was a great 1st time experience. going to work for 6 bucks and hour!!!!!!

    this time my resume is to get a job as an esthetican at local dermatologists, surgeons, or medical spas.

  8. ohhh that sounds sooo fun!! good luck!! too bad you dont live in vancouver, i could DEF hook you up with a job at a highend spa..[edit: not medical tho.:sad:]
    have fun, and totally reep the benefits.. free services woooot haha
  9. idk if it was said but team work enviornment and also guranteed a presentable work enviornment that was productive to clientele and retianed said clientele
  10. Yup I think these are great traits to highlight on your resume. I just finished typing my CV so I feel your pain. It's so hard to have to describe all your jobs and activities in a way that would be interesting to potential employers (or in my case admissions people) esp. if it's not at all related to the job you're applying for
  11. Is it appropriate to place resumes in evelopes ? then label it with the hiring managers name ?
  12. ^^^yep. That is fine in my book. Are you hand delivering it to the spas and medical offices?
  13. yes, hand deliver!!!

    i have *1* more question!!!

    how do you put in ur resume that you attended a certain "college" , but havent yet earned any diploma, dropped out, but plan to go back later?

  14. Serving ice cream teaches public relations skills, working well under pressure in a team environment, responsibility for customer satisfaction, and maintaining a hygenic and professional appearance in the food service industry.

    I would put it in a large envelope, don't fold it in any way. I'd label it Attn: whoever or if I didn't know the name I'd simply label it Resume Enclosed Attn: Personnel

    As for the college, I'd say attended XYZ College from this date thru this date and completed the following courses....list them....then say "Plan to complete coursework and earn my degree within xyz amount of time" Or something like that.