Lost my "$" money keyfob...

  1. I went to look at it on my purse -- and it wasn't there! I can't believe I lost it -- it was so securely fastened. :sad:

    The last time I opened it to put it on my bag, the little thingie that pulls down to open it seemed "sticky" -- I wonder if it broke...
  2. Aw sorry to hear that.
  3. :sad: That is awful!! :crybaby: I'm so sorry to hear that!
  4. that sux! were you out and about? could it be in your house somewhere?
  5. What a bummer. I'm sorry to hear that. :sad:
  6. I've searched everywhere... the house, the cars... I was so hoping my daughter borrowed it for her bag (she loves charms!) and she was my last hope... but she didn't have it.

    I hope the person who finds it will love it...

    And I was so excited because it was going to match the new turtle keyfob! Guess I'll have to buy another one.
  7. Thats awful. I really hope you find it!!!
  8. my pig charm fell off my carly today but luckliy it was at this condo i am looking at getting and the lady called me and said "your coach pig key chain is here, i think it fell off you bag, it'll be at the security desk so pick it up whenever."

    that place just got a brownie point from me!

    when i looked at my charm it was completly intact. NOTHING was wrong with it or the zipper pull that i attached it to...i have NO idea how it came off.

    i hope you find your charm and if someone finds it, i hope they tell you.
  9. aww, that's awful. i hope you find it!

    if not, i know there are some at the outlets, so at least you can maybe find a cheaper replacement.
  10. So sorry this happened. Hopefully it will turn up somewhere.
  11. That's a bummer! :sad: Sorry.
  12. I'm so sorry! See that's why I'm a little scared to attach one to my purse. I'm terrified of losing it.
  13. Boo! That really stinks, sorry. Try to look on the bright side though-at least it's still available!
  14. OMG that is horrible!! i would just die if my comic book keyfob dissapeared!!
  15. bummer.. do you think someone could've swiped it when you weren't looking?