lost my mind and went

  1. shopping.
    I had a post a while ago looking for some put together shirts, casual but dressier then a t-shirt.
    today's finds.

  2. yay!! what great finds. youre going to put together some awesome outfits with those new buys
  3. great finds and great colors.
  4. some cute sandals and accessories and you're ready and set for......:yes:.
  5. I love the white blouse with the gathers on the sleeves. Where did you find that?
  6. just wanted to add, i love the pants.they are so versatile. you dress them up or down.
  7. Oooo. Nice stuff!!!
  8. thank you, the shirts go well with jean so its great.
    Although i'm gong to return the shirt with the strings on the arms, i'm not liking how it fits.
  9. thanks for much :smile:
  10. i'm going to see what accessories i can find on friday when i got and pick up my linen pants.
  11. Nice finds- Shopping is always good.
  12. the one with the strings i'm going to return, i'm not liking it on, i think its too big. Otherwise i picked all of it up at *the bay*
  13. they're capris, O' so comfy.
  14. great prices :smile: all on sale :biggrin:
  15. and the s/o loves all of it :biggrin: so its a bonus.
    OMG osh and they i found this sexy white handbag * not lv* i might get on friday.. its so nice with gold accents.