Lost my MAC....to Mom!

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  1. I loved my MAC bag now I have to find another one!

    My 74 year old Mom truly supports me in my bag buying but truthfully she hates all my bags. Just not her style (which is old lady Walmart brand...LOL). She knows I spend alot of money. But she would never let me get her a bag. Now her knee is very bad and she must use a cane, she needs a cross body bag for her wallet, tissues, and lipstick and compact. She calls these her "Old Lady supplies". I knew the MAC would be perfect for her. So I took it to her (Gorgeous Dark Brown) and she got a huge grin on her face. She thinks it's the prettiest bag I ever bought (LOL) and I made her take it. Now she can have her hands free for walking support.

    Giving it to her made my heart swell. She actually loves it. Her first Designer bag in 74 years. She asked how much it costs and since she has absolutley no idea about this stuff I told her 50.00. She said "Ohhhhh, so much money".

    NOW... I am desperate to get one for me again. Is RM going to have more out this year? WITH the new supported strap? I won't buy from the RM site but I don't see any on there anyway.
  2. Wow, Lexie that is the best story!!! I'm so glad that you were not only to help your mother but in a very fashionable way as well! I'm sure it looks just lovely on her!
  3. Aww, Lexie, what a great story. That is so sweet of you!! You just made your mom the most stylish 74-year-old in the world! And the DB leather is gorgeous, I'm not surprised she fell in love with it!
  4. Lexie, you are a sweetheart!
    I love my MAC, and am sure you loved yours so much, too, and it was awesome for you to give it to your mother!
    I am sure it makes you happy to know that she really loves it and it is such a useful style for her.
    You have a kind heart & you will find another one really soon! I am sure!
  5. That's really nice of you Lexie... I am glad your mom like it. I love the part she said "$50" is a lot of $$. I let my Grandma used my devote last Friday when we went out to eat... She thought the bag costs less then $100.
  6. So is RM putting out new ones this Spring? With reinforced straps?
  7. What a wonderful daughter. =)

    I'd check out ebay and ecrater for a replacement MAC, lexie. They seem to be sold out everywhere else. Of course, you can always wait to see when the new colors will be in stock if you're excited about any of them. I'm hoping a fawn MAC will be out there somewhere, personally.

    ETA: Any new ones will be with the reinforced strap, I believe. My royal clutch had the reinforced strap so they've definitely already started the upgrade process directly in the factories.
  8. What a sweet story. $50? Hee hee...
  9. That's so sweet. Three sirens has some on their site for pre-order.
  10. Luna Boston has MAC's for pre-order. I don't remember all the colors. I know there was Almond (I had it on pre-order but cancelled it) I wouldn't worry about the strap on the future MACs.
  11. Awww, that's so nice of you! I know there's MACs coming out, but I don't remember all the colors, either. (Sorry....)

    I would write to lunaboston and see what colors they will have. They are super nice and very helpful. :smile: service@lunaboston.com
  12. Lexie, How cool! Thanks for sharing! I love my mom so much and want her to treat herself, too, so your story was really touching to read. Just so you know, in late Feb. LB will be getting the noir MACs back in (with mixed HW, I think)...you might want to try for that...they will be hard to get otherwise, I believe.

    If I see a hot older woman with a brown MAC, I will know who it is. ;)
  13. Such a sweet story! So cute!
  14. Such a sweet story, Lexie. You're such a good daughter!
  15. I just can't believe my Mother is wearing a Rebecca Minkoff. She is so not into Fashion. And after all the Pradas and Choo's I've flaunted, she hated them all but was happy I liked them. But The MAC is the "prettiest"....LOL

    I'll probably look into 3 Sirens or LB. I love both of them equally.