Lost my LV wallet today in a parking lot...temporarily

  1. I put it in my shallow pocket when I was leaving Starbucks, and when I got home, oops. I'm running to the car, it's not there, I'm freaking out because that particular Starbucks isn't listed on their website...but I did find the number, and phew, they had it. I dumped all of my cash in their tip jar and thanked them profusely.

    I could get new credit cards, and while I'd hate getting a new gun permit and license, I'd deal. The thing that reallly scared me was not having this wallet. I've carried it for 17 years, I love it, and LV doesn't make anything like it anymore. This is the first time anything like this has happened, but I'll be a little paranoid in the future.

    May all your LV be safe! LOL
  2. I'm glad you got it back.
  3. OOOHHH Gun permit? Glad your story had a happy ending!
  4. WOW! Such kind, honest people!
  5. Gun permit? Gotta love the US! :s
  6. I guess this was my karmic payback when I found a woman's purse in a cart at Wal Mart, and I immediately gave her a call. She was most worried about the pics of her grandkids.

  7. Oh yeah! I don't want to live somewhere where only the criminals are armed. But anyway, a friend of ours was murdered a few years ago, and now none of us goes anywhere without at least one of us being armed.