Lost my LV virginity...twice in one day :-D

  1. Girls, my heart is pounding!! I nearly smooched the Fedex guy today...

    You never forget your first(s)!

    Mono speedy 25! (OK, she is a little wrinkled from her long journey to Seattle but a few wearings should smooth her out, right?)

    Damier Saleya PM!

    Yikes, I have never spent as much on bags in one swoop as I do on my mortgage :P but OH SO WORTH IT! I'm in love, I'm in love!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Thanks to all of you for corrupting me...
    mono speedy 25 (2).jpg damier saleya pm (2).jpg
  2. LMAO at your thread title! Congrats on two fab purchases!
  3. Congratulations!!!! The bags are gorgeous!
  4. congrats, love those two bags!
  5. Congrat's on your first s :smile:

    over stuff your speedy with towels for the night it will help get the wrinkles out or set it outside(still over stuffed with towels or cotton t-shirts) covered so the sun doesnt get at it and the heat will help with the wrinkles in a few hours..
  6. Gosh, I love that saleya! Congrats on being an LV addict now
  7. You are too cute!!!!!!!! Enjoy them both
  8. GREAT choices!
  9. congrats

    they are gorgeous!!!!
  10. Feels PERFECT under my arm...oh why did I wait this long :biggrin: . Thanks for the congrats!
  11. Awesome...thanks for the tip and will do!
  12. Terrific purchases. Both practical and beautiful! Enjoy them.
  13. Well if your going to break your LV Cherry you did it perfectly!!!
    Beautiful, classic choices!

  14. Perfect selections. Congrats on your first(s) & enjoy!
  15. Congrats!!! Very good choices for your first LV bags!!! Enjoy~~~