Lost my letter charm

  1. Just wanted to share with people who might understand. I moved my letter charm to my mini because I sent the bag I was using in for repair and thought it would be safe there until I switched to another bag. I was enjoying being bag-free and just have been using my mini skinny for the last week. Well I was at the grocery store today with my 3 year old DD (who was the one who picked it out for me for Christmas this year) and I noticed it was gone. :sad: She doesn't quite get that I lost it, but if I don't find it soon she's going to notice.
  2. aww I;m sorry to hear that! hope you find it soon!
  3. oh.i'm so sorry.....thats so disapointing
    hope you find it
  4. Oh, I hope you find it! I hate when I lose things!
  5. oh no! call for a search party!
  6. oh no that is terrible! i would go and get a new one because i wouldnt want your DD to be really sad when she notices the charm gone.
  7. You know that's a great idea. I think I'll give it until next week and take a quick look around my weekly stops and if I can't find it then I'll do that. Thanks for the idea.