lost my designer virginity

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  1. okay well my first ever pair of high heels arrived today and im in love! i got a gorgeous pair of jimmy choo sandals, called "libby", black and silver perfect.

    sadly though they are a little bit tight around the toes, but i have slightly wide feet but i was told if i lose weight my feet may get slightly narrower.

    i got them from ebay for £160 which is a bargain. or atleast to me its a bargain.

    i cant wait to actually wear them, and if i can never fit into them i will just drool over them.

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  2. Take them to a cobbler to get them stretched! You should be wearing them, they are pretty!
  3. Congrats! I lost mine last month :nuts:

    Great Jc's :smile:
  4. those are pretty, i agree take them to a cobbler
  5. thanks :biggrin:

    i was thinking of taking them to a cobblers, but i thought since they have snake skin on them, they may get damaged.

    i cant wait to finally wear them outside :yahoo:
  6. Take them to a cobbler and let them tell you if they'll get damaged. Congrats on your first pair of Choos!!
  7. oh i have a few little questions about getting them stretched. will the style change slightly? how would they be able to stratch them?
  8. yeah when I lost 50 lbs....my foot was 1/2 size smaller. Had to put heel pads in all my shoes.
  9. Congrats! Those are so cute!
  10. totally crushed, the cobbler said he couldnt stretch them as they are to fragile, he gave me a spray to use but they still dont fit. damn wide feet :cursing:
  11. Stink
  12. Maybe wear them with socks around your house for a while? I was able to stretch some of my shoes this way, but I am not sure if they would work for snakeskin.
  13. i cant even get my feet in them though, my foot is about 3/4 of an inch to big :sad:.
  14. congrats and enjoy them!!!