Lost my Damier virginity for this...

  1. I've always wanted an LV piece in Damier, but the opportunity never presented itself.

    So my birthday came and went on Wednesday. (I don't feel any older in my mind!)
    Got a couple LV books from co-workers, Tiffany jewelry from siblings, invisalign from DH
    (we paid the entire balance this past Monday and I still don't have them on yet! :push: Ouch! They're gonna hurt.)

    But still... No birthday cake or brown boxes for me. :crybaby:

    I'm supposed to be on a purse ban until November, so I actually thought I wouldn't get this at all, especially when I knew it was limited to Hawaii and Japan.

    Until two wonderful ladies contacted me... When I laid my eyes on her this afternoon, I knew it was meant to be!!
    I'm glad I am on a purse ban and didn't just pick up another messenger-style bag.
    There's been quite a few threads already, so sorry if y'all get bored of the Sophie. :smile:
    But I'm just soooo excited!!!

    Yay! Happy birthday to me! :yahoo:




    Thanks MJ and Joie for remembering me!
    Ms. MJ, I owe you two boxes of Beard Papa's cream puffs now!

    P.S. DH totally thinks tPF members have lost it.
    He meet Ms. Joie today and knows my "friends" are real people with DH's just like him. :roflmfao:
  2. Happy Birthday and Congrats! It looks fab on you!
  3. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  4. Congrats!!
  5. looks great! congrats!
  6. Congrats! That's such a beautiful bag. And Happy Birthday!
  7. Congrats! It looks wonderful on you! :smile:
  8. Congrats!!!! LOVE IT... Happy Birthday!
  9. what a fab item to lose your virginity with..lol
    super congrats & happy bday
  10. Smashingly loverly!!

    Damier sophie is the best thing ever!
  11. Great bag, love it! Have a great b-day!
  12. it's so beautiful and looks sooooo good on you! happy bday pinkyohana!
  13. Congrats and enjoy!!!
  14. YAY, ya got it!!!

    Winnie, yours is coming SISTAH, I promise!
  15. Happy Birthday! The purse looks lovely on you!