Lost my coach patent gallery wallet yesterday

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  1. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    It fell out of my purse into the back of my dads car, i went sooo crazy for like 3 hrs until my mommy found it.
  2. Glad you were able to find it! When I read the title of the thread, I was thinking . . . uh oh - with most people, it's bad enough to lose a wallet just for the inconvenience of having to cancel all your cards, etc., but to loose an expensive wallet along with all that is just terrible!

    So glad things worked out!
  3. oh yes im glad to have it back i was so sad cuz that brown color is all sold out by me.
  4. So glad it worked out for you! I would of went crazy too!
  5. thank god your mom found it!! i would have definantely cried, even though its just a wristlet haha.. yay for you!
  6. yipeee doo