Lost My Cell Phone--What to Do?

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  1. #1 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    I just lost my cell phone last night and this really sucks! Sorry for my rant, I'm just so upset!!! I am so stupid, i was checking my emails in the bathroom (of the movie theater) after the movie and left my phone on top of the toilet paper thing! I dunno what happened, I just forgot about it. Then after we were already halfway home, I realized it and we went back to the theater bathroom (15-20 min. had passed at that point) and of course it wasn't there! I asked management and no phone was returned so I left them my phone numebr just in case someone returns it.

    But I know 100% it was a female who took it and I've been calling the phone all night and all morning (in the beginning it was ringing now it's turned off). This morning I called T-Mobile and had my SIM turned off and activated a new SIM with same number. Lady at T-Mobile said they have the cell manufacturing # so in case another T-mobile customer/SIM user uses their SIM on my phone, they can track it.

    Has anyone ever lost their cell phones and have any advice about what to do to get it back? I'm not even upset about the actual phone (which was a T-Mobile MyTouch, 1 year old), I'm more upset that even after I turned off my SIM card, whoever has the phone can still see my pictures and old emails and texts and my contacts!!! I'm freaking out, and having a lot of anxiety just knowing some stranger is looking and reading all my life's details! My phone had all my emails and pics of my pets and family and boyfriend and me! Also texts and stuff and phone numbers!

    What can I do??? Any advice or past experiences will help! Thanks...
  2. So no one has ever lost their cell phone before??? LOL...i find that hard to believe!
  3. Hi, I feel your pain a similar thing happened to me at Target. You did right thing by calling T-mobile. Beyond that there is not much that you can do about photos and etc. Did you have your phone back up to a computer? This is why I love the iPhone you can sync/back it up to your computer and the other great perk is you remote erase your data or do master reset from your computer with via Mobile Me. Right now it's just a lesson learned.
  4. ^ Ditto! :heart: my iPhone! I also have a lock on it so in case it gets stolen, they can't go through my personal stuff!!

    I've had a few stolen from me, esp in high school! Sorry you're going through this OP!

    Unfortunately, I don't know if there's really anything you can do to get the phone back... esp loosing it in such a public place! :hugs: Can you log on to your emails through webmail? All your emails should still be on the account? Sorry, I'm not sure how T-Mobile works etc.. GL!
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the person potentially going through your messages & pics. Chances are the first thing they did was throw away your SIM and then put it up for sale, KWIM?

    PS - I've had my phone (actually my whole bag) stolen before, and it sucks. Sorry it happened to you! :hugs:
  6. If you get another Android phone, install a security tracker on it. You can track your phone via GPS, and some of them allow you to do a complete wipe via a PC or phone call.

    Of course, all of those options are moot if the phone is turned off or doesn't have an active SIM.
  7. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to get an iPhone next, the erasing your info from your computer thing sounds reallly good..
  8. +1. The person who took your phone is more interested in making money out of it than to find out the history of the previous owner... But the only thing you can do is get a new phone. Even if T-mobile does track down the phone, I don't think they'll be able to get it back to you... plus, if you get a new phone from T-mobile, they'll be making money off of your, that's their main priority, afterall, they are a business.
  9. Why on earth would you do that? If you're with T-Mo, get the Vibrant.
  10. ^^^ I agree! I just got the Vibrant myself.
  11. My husband left his phone on a shelf at Wal-mart and there's nothing you really can do besides what you've already done. I know how you feel about the pics, his had some of our pet that we can never get back.
  12. Definatly install a security on the next phone! I downloaded something on my blackberry that tracks it via gps, locks it out, and makes a loud scream noise if its lost.
  13. just lament for that and be more careful next time.
  14. Sorry about your phone. I wouldn't worry too much about other people reading your life...since they barely know you. Hope you didn't have any naked pix there. That's my only worry....what if a stranger upload my most private life online.
    So what did you end up buying?
  15. Aww I'm sorry! But if you get the iPhone, ENJOY! You will love it! :smile: But I'm pretty sure whoever picked up your phone probably erased it right away and/or threw out the SIM card so they could sell it on Craigslist or Ebay. I wouldn't worry too much about them sifting through your texts and emails.