Lost my BV virginity - 1st bag!!

  1. hi everyone! just wanted to share my first BV, a med Veneta. i'm sure it won't be my last! i don't have it in my hands just yet, but thanks to hgbags it should be here very soon :wlae: i'm very excited - i had to race over to Barneys so i could hold one just to see how soft it really is - amazing!! i'm usually a Bal girl, and most likely will continue to be, but this is a great "starter" bag. i'll share more pics once she's mine :girlsigh:
  2. nicole2730- congratulations and welcome.
  3. That's great, nicole! Erica is a good seller. Congratulations!
  4. ^^ i agree, she's one of the best! can't wait to post more pics :yes:
  5. Congrats nicole!! It's a perfect first BV and I love the seller's (I presume) presentation. Modeling pics would be nice once you get it!!
  6. Congrats nicole! The med Veneta is such a good choice for a first BV bag!
  7. Congrats! Love the sheen on Nero (black) nappa.
  8. congrats on your purchase! do share pics when it arrives!
  9. That's a beautiful bag - congrats!
  10. Congrats for your first BV, I'm sure you'll love it more as you're using it. I'm also a BV starter but I am officially addicted since my first BV purchase.:devil:
  11. warning, this bag is so great you're not going to be able to stop :yes:
  12. nicole,
    congrats! classic veneta in a classic nero colour...
    you are gonna love it.
    do share action pics when you get it.
  13. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  14. What a great bag! I don't have any BV, but I've always been a great fan of the style. Lovely! I might just have to start investing!
  15. hi nicole, congrats on your first BV bag that will be the start of many more to come :drinkup: