Lost my bookmarks and need help!

  1. I had the Coach list that someone made bookmarked and I lost it. It had the username Coach and password was guest I think then you could see pictures of just about everything by numbers. You would put in like 1000 and it would show you the pictures. Please could someone point me back to that link so I can bookmark it again!

  2. I've been looking for that link too. Any help would be great.
  3. http://www.leftfield.org/~dravalen/coach/index_def.php?count=1000&start=10000

    Change "1000" to however many you want to see and "10000" to the style number where you wanrt to start

    Enter Coach on the first line and letmein on the second
  4. This is not working for me. Does it work for others?
  5. yep. although some images are not loading but most are...
  6. Username and password aren't working for me :confused1:
  7. \\

    Me neither. All we do is enter "Coach" and then "letmein" under password, right?
    Anyone with experience with this?
  8. I use this link that Hyacinth posted. I just tried it right now and it worked for me. I use coach for the username and letmein for the password... all in lowercase letters.

    Good luck to those who are having problems with this link. :yes: