Lost my 100% pos FB due to retalitory FB!

  1. I'm kind of bummed, I just lost my 100% positive feedback rating due to retalitory feedback from a seller who sold me a COUNTERFEIT Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom bag.

    Should I file to have the FB removed or just deal with it? I hate to have my reputation tarnished by this loser ...
  2. I'd file to have it removed...I had to do that once from a retalitory fb when I first started buying on eBay.
    The seller never gave me the address of where to send my payment. Apparently, I found out later on that the loser was obviously notorious for taking people's money then never sending the items so I consider myself lucky that I was going to send a check instead of by paypal.
  3. eBay has told me that they will not withdraw feedback unless both parties agree so I doubt they'd do anything for you. Unless you meant mutual agreement to remove feedback for you and the seller in which case I wouldn't as the jerk deserves the negative and it does nothing to help others to have this removed from his record.
  4. Ahh Lori, it has happened to most of us good ebayers. 99.8 is the new 100 percent lol ;)

    I was so annoyed when it happened to me, but like you, I had to either remove the loser who didnt pay for my shoes, or bite the bullet. I chose to leave her negative so that others were not stung the same way, and also, if your feedback is impeccable before, anybody can see what has happened. Just follow it up with another comment if you can.
  5. Totally understand if you want to keep the negative imposed on him/her intact. But-yup the only way to get rid of it is to mutually agree to withdraw the feedback. Remarks will stay there which is good - if you indicated on his feedback that he sold you a FAKE...and you return to 100%...but so does he/she... depends on how important that is to you.
  6. I'd be bummed too! I don't know if eBay will remove it for you, but I would just leave a comment in response to her feedback. I'm sure people will understand!
  7. Unfortunately eBay will not remove retaliatory feedback, unless you both agree to mutually withdraw. They SHOULD, but they don't. They only remove feedback if a buyer who hasn't paid leaves negative for a seller, and maybe a few other rare instances.

    It happens to the best of us, so I would just move on and block losers like that. If you have otherwise positive feedback, people will know when checking your page that the person who left you negative was doing it for all the wrong reasons.
  8. That stinks -- but as a buyer, I wouldn't differentiate between a 100% seller and one with 99.5%. And especially given these circumstances. I would try to leave a reply that the neg was retaliation for you outing him as a counterfeiter.
  9. I've had the same thing happen. The comment the person left was babyish, and I think people who read that could see it for what it was. I also left a reply underneath it. It hasn't affected my selling/buying.
  10. I've had feedback removed using square trade. It removed the negative score but not the comments.
  11. Wow, great idea. I just filed with Square Trade now. It costs $29.95 to have a mediator, but I hope they will decide in my favor. The seller who sold me the fake now has 12 negatives, so that should help me. My FB is now 99.9%, which of course isn't the end of the world but I am just so aggravated that someone who sold me a fake gets to do this. I hope it works, thanks for the suggestion!
  12. I didn't know (when it happened) that negative feedback could be removed. I was JUST starting to sell (had only bought until then) and the first one I got from a lady (an OLLLLDDD lady) before she EVEN PAID FOR THE ITEM because I had asked her KINDLY several times to pay... it had been 11 days and I had heard NOTHING... She finally left me feedback saying that I was rude to insist on payment so quickly during the christmas season when people are travelling? HELLO?!?!??!

    Then, I got a neutral rating from someone who said I "packed household garbage" to send her package. I had a $25. flat shipping for an antique chandelier. She just happened to live 20 miles from me. I was so afraid of breakage, that I used my children's outgrown CLEAN clothes to wrap the individual pieces/globes and then used newspaper balled up to cushion as well as bubble wrap.... I was sooo mad!!! Where was the garbage? The newspaper? the children's clothing?

    That's when I realized that selling is DIFFICULT and people expect beyond perfection yet don't want to pay for it!!! So... my rating is 99.2 and is steadily rising. One bad comment to someone fairly new can REALLY damage the rating!!!
  13. That really sucks, and I can totally understand why you'd be so annoyed. I'd be furious, too. Maybe Square Trade will be able to rule in your favor. Fingers crossed.
  14. Well, this is interesting.

    Right after I filed with Square Trade, I got a message from the seller through eBay asking me to mutually withdraw the feedback. I don't really want to withdraw my feedback to her because she sold me a fake bag, but I do want to return to my 100% positive feedback.

    I think I will wait and see what Square Trade does. I have 90 days to respond to mutually withdrawing the feedback.
  15. I think most savvy Ebayers read thru feedback and are quick at picking up retaliatory feedback. it's only when negative feedback is consistent that buyers should or do care. I wouldn't worry about it especially if you have over 20 positive transactions.