Lost Maltese in Socorro, New Mexico - 2-15-08

  1. MISSING - M A L T E S E - Socorro, New Mexico

    I belong to a Maltese discussion forum and one of our members has had a tragedy. While she was out of town and her two Maltese were in the care of a housesitter, one of her Maltese went missing. It has now been 5 days. There have been sightings and they have mounted a massive effort to find him. But any and all help is desperately needed, since he has been gone for so long now.

    M I S S I N G!!!

    Name: Atticus
    Maltese - in full coat

    He is microchipped.

    This picture is his owner's signature picture from the Maltese forum. This is just
    so sad! :crybaby:

  2. I hope they find this doggie.
  3. I hope they find him..he's microchipped so hopefuly he gets home safely!!!
  4. My prayers are out to the owners and the pup that he is found very soon. Please let us know!
  5. Thanks, Irishgal, Carol and Speedy. Yes, I will let you know. We collected $1,000 in donations on the Maltese forum and hopefully will be hiring a tracking dog. One member has already paid for a psychic who specializes in dogs and still nothing has turned up. There were several sightings but by the time the owners get there, he is gone.

    Your prayers and good thoughts for Atticus will be appreciated.
  6. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts for Atticus. Miracles do happen!! Atticus was found this morning by one of the owner's work colleagues while taking his dog for a walk. Atticus is fine and his owners are beside themselves with happiness!!

    All's well that ends well!! :yahoo:
  7. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm so glad they found him! Thank goodness he's okay.