lost little end piece off Ring!

  1. Oh no. I lost one of little metal pieces off the end of one of the straps on my Ring Bag. Does anyone know if you can get replacement parts? I've never had anything like that happen to a Choo bag.:sad:
  2. Oh NO :hysteric:
    I would contact a JC Boutique and tell them your problem, I'm sure they can help you out! (Just make sure to tell them it was a gift if you do not have a receipt):tup:
  3. Thanks Robyn. Of course this would be a bag I got on eBay!
  4. Hey thats weird!
    although the on line JC sucks - I thought the construction of the bags and everything else Choo was pretty good.
    How did it come off?
  5. Ouch jm! :push: Hope the JC boutique will be able to help you! Goodluck!
  6. Sorry to hear about that Jm! But same sort of thing happened to my Yeva's bought through JC online: hardware fell off of one of the dangly straps! :sad: The piece looks like it just came loose somehow, even tho it's tightened onto the leather strap with screws. Maybe a screw came loose and I didn't know? Anyway, I can't wait to hear how it was resolved.... maybe I'll pursue a replacement part via JC online.
  7. I'm not sure. The strap just came unfastened as I was carrying it. It is the little cylinder metal end. It still stays together, but now I know it is gone and the bag is not perfect! I have not called JChoo yet as I have not been carrying it. I'm not big on black bags to tell you the truth...kinda boring. I guess I should call them before I forget, tho.
  8. You absolutely should. Those boots were brand new. I bought this bag on eBay and even tho the seller said it was new...you never know.
  9. Oh no:sad: Sorry to hear about the problems with the Ring and boots, JM and GyrlLayney. I have seen quality control issues here and there with JC, but I imagine it happens with all brands. For the cost of these items it should not happen though. I remember when I saw the quality of the Kat heels and then the Morgan. It gave me a moment of pause in regards to JC. I have always wondered about the longevity of the metal plate on the shoulder strap of the Ring. I pray it does not give way someday.

    Did you ladies have any luck with replacement parts from JC?
  10. Not yet... I have to contact them. Maybe I will email JC a picture of the boot and missing hardware piece. I'll keep y'all posted. :sad:
  11. Hi, sorry to hear that JC !!
    The hardwear has also come off my Yevas... same bit as yours GyrlLayney! I was so cranky!
  12. Yes, you can order replacement parts for Choo bags. I am currently waiting for a replacement part for one of my bags.

    JChoo online is not helpful. I got the replacement part through an SA I just bought a Choo bag from. I would call whatever SA at a Choo boutique you have bought from in the past and see if she/he can order the part for you. My part is coming from Italy, so I was told it may take a couple of weeks.

    Good luck!
  13. You can try, but to be honest, Choo online is a complete and utter waste of time.

    Call a Choo boutique directly. From what I understand NY appears to be the home US office. Parts come to them from Italy and then are distributed.

    I have been able to get a replacement part by calling Choo boutique directly.
  14. Replacement parts for essentially new items has me very concerned about acquiring any more JC!
  15. With all the Ring bags floating around just on our forum and JM's missing piece being the first problem I've heard with the bag, I'm hoping it's a very isolated incident. :sweatdrop:

    But the Yeva boots, 2 people on this forum have now said that same piece has fallen off. I'm glad I passed on the boots because I would probably constantly be checking them every time I wore them if I owned them. And whether it's a bag or boots, I would be very cranky if hardware fell off. :cursing: For what JC shoes/boot/bags go for there shouldn't be any issues with hardware. :nogood: