Lost Legacy Chain

  1. I was cleaning out my car today, found the leather tag, and that circular thing from my satchel.......but couldn't find the chain. What can I do?
  2. it's just the chain? you can go buy one at, like, a hardware store or something. i think you can get the light pulls thingys or something?
  3. Perhaps you can call CS and see if they will send you a replacement. What do the SA think about that??
  4. I know the outlet I worked for had a little catch-all drawer system in the back that had some extra random hangtags and chains and things. You could always try going to your nearest Coach store and asking them if they happen to have one. If not then customer service would probably be the best bet, like someone said.
  5. this JUST happened to me, all you have to do is give coach hq a calll, give them your information, and the registration number of your bag, its on the sewn one patch inside, like the "this is a coach bag..it was created from the finest..." and it got to me that week!