Lost Key - How do I Get a Replacement?

  1. Last summer I bought a Damier Duomo from ELux and I went to use it for the first time today and realized that I must have misplaced the key to the lock when I opened the box. I have the receipt, the handles are still wrapped in plastic, she was safely in her dust cover inside her LV box and yet, no keys! And the lock is closed on the tab so I can't open her!

    How does one go about getting a replacement set of keys? I have other LV's, but the lock numbers are different and they don't work on this one.

    Thanks so much. I am panicking!
  2. so this is a silly question, but did you look in the clochette?

    otherwise you'd just have to get a whole new lock set, since the numbers are different.
  3. My keys to my duomo lock are in the clochette. :yes:
  4. What number is your lock? perhaps someone here has an extra key
  5. If your keys aren't in the clochette, your lv boutique probably has a matched key to get it unlocked for you.
  6. Oops! I just reread your original post that you got your duomo from e-luxury, so disregard my post above. ^^
  7. call 866 vuitton
  8. Oh ladies, thanks so much! I feel so silly! Of course the keys were in the clochette!!!

    Goodness, what would I do without tPF???

    Thanks again!
  9. glad you found them
  10. Funny!
  11. haha. that seems like something i would do!
  12. I've calmed down now. Imagine getting so upset over a set of teeny, tiny keys! :smile:
  13. ^^Hey, we all freak out a little now and then. Keys are important!:lol: