Lost Item or Scam?

  1. Sorry, long story

    I auctioned off a YSL wallet on eBay. I didn't mention any specific policies regarding international bidders BUT I only quoted shipping for within the US.
    I started bidding at $60 and it sold at $200. However, the winning bidder had 1 feedback and was from Hong Kong.

    She insisted that there was no need to ship international express. I informed her that I would only ship via a trackable method. To my knowledge this means USPS Intl Express. I had to ask my sister to ship the package for me and she was told by USPS that she could ship Global Priority and it would come with tracking. They even provided a tracking number. Well the item shipped 1/15 and the buyer claims it hasn't been delivered.

    I tried tracking the item online and it only mentions that the item left California on the 15th, nothing further. Nobody at the post office is able to help (I will check again tomorrow).

    I did pay for insurance for the package, and the paypal funds are no longer in my paypal account.

    I guess this has happened to a few others here - I'm just wondering how things turned out for you?
    Has anyone shipped to HK using USPS Global?
    Can you really track the item or do you just get some kind of delivery confirmation?

    I'm in Manila most of the time and USPS just can't track all the way here. Anyway, I'm flipping out of course and want this resolved soon. For those of you who've had to refund for a lost package, how long before you issue a refund? I don't mind doing it as long as I'm certain the buyer never received the package.

    I suppose it's my fault. I knew it was a bad idea from the time I saw the address of the winning bidder (and from the fact that she didn't bother to inquire about shipping before bidding) but I've shipped internationally before with absolutely no problems
  2. I've shipped multiple times to HK using USPS with no issues but with that said, it doesn't seem like you have any reason to belive this is a scam. According to the tracking, it has not been delivered yet.

    My suggestion is for you to call the 800 number for USPS that is listed on your receipts. They can trace the package for you. And worst case, you said the wallet was insured so you can file a claim.

    Good Luck!
  3. Thanks, livethelake. I was wondering if the tracking is actual tracking and not just "the item left the US" and then that's it...

    I'm only wondering if it could be a scam because 1)she asked me to send it the "longer way" and 2)I don't know if tracking is available until receipt of item (in some countries it is only available until port of entry -but I suppose it would have to say it has reached HK). I have been communicating with the buyer all this time and I thought we were being friendly and cooperative (I promised to check on status again tomorrow) when she filed a dispute with paypal. I am happy to refund her money now while I go figure out what is up with USPS but I wonder if there is reasonable amount of time I should wait before refunding?
  4. You know, I was told that with Global Priority, the item is trackable on line now (end to end like Global Express) but I've never done it...(sorry, can't be more help).

    I have also been told you can track online using the Customs number on top of the customs form (usually starts with CP). You might want to try that way and see what happens.

    As far as refunding, I would wait until you have a conversation with the USPS...It might be a bit premature to refund now as it's under 30 days.

    I feel your pain.....I shipped a bag from NJ to NY...Fedex ground...signature required...It got lost!!! It was going 30 miles :sad:
  5. perhaps she asked for global priority because it costs less? i'm usually in manila too and i know that whenever i get something sent to me here, it could take well over a month so i wouldn't worry just yet and i hope it turns up, soon!
  6. I guess it's stupid of me to think it might be a scam. Just didn't want to get caught unaware.

    What kills me is that the difference in cost of shipping was just $10 ($25 to send express and $15 to send priority). Sigh. It was such a pretty wallet too...

    When I'm in Manila it takes me 21 days to get things that are sent via USPS Int'l Express even (customs holdover) and I can NEVER track it (I just keep my fingers crossed - not a very good strategy really). Anyway, I explained to the buyer that it could take longer but I guess she's having none of that.

    Livethelake, thanks for the helpful suggestions. I actually used the customs form to track. All I know is that it left the US.
  7. I wouldn't panic yet. Global priority's stated delivery time is 6-10 business days. And it could take a bit longer.

    It's only been 14 business days since it shipped so there's a good possibility it's still in transit and not lost.
  8. A seller once shipped using priority to me (overseas from US) and even though a tracking number was provided,there was no tracking info whatsoever.The only info available the entire time was that USPS has received notification of shipment from seller.I received the package at an appropriate time though.The tracking number doesn't do jack for priority.With express mail tracking info is always up to date.