LOST is back tonight!!!!

  1. After a LONG 3 month break.. LOST is back.... omg, im so excited... HOWEVER, i forget what happened last time.. anyone care to remind me :biggrin:
  2. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

    WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!Im so excited!
  3. yup!!! tonight on ABC, 2 hour special.. the new time slot is at 10EST, so I dont know if its starting at 10, going to 12.. or 9, and then the 10 is just the new starting time after today.. check at 9 just to be safe :smile:
  4. LOL..MY TIVo is armed and ready!!!HEEHEE!
  5. I'm tired of waiting for Lost! :yucky:

    I will watch it tonight but hopefully I'll get into the show again....I'm glad that they didn't have repeats like they did last season.
  6. What did we do before Tivo/DVR??

    I'm excited. We just re-watched the first season on DVD. Loved it everybit as much as the first time we saw it!
  7. I have my tivo ready too LOL! Have you all heard that this might be the last season?!? I'm kinda sad & glad at the same time..of course I'll miss the show b/c it's great, but finally after all this time our questions will be anwsered!
  8. ^^ Yeah im kinda glad also, because I was so pissed at the reruns (although they say that there will be 16 new episode without ANY reruns)... and all those damn mysteries will finally be solved.. hmpf
  9. Oh yeah...oh yeah...oh yeah!
  10. They're doing the recap at 9 then it's on at 10
  11. ooo thanks love2shop_26
  12. I am so excited, just wish it wsn't at 10!
  13. FINALLY! that was a looong break. at least they are promising no repeats for the rest of the season.

    Now I have something to look forward too, YIPPEE!
  14. I thought it was a good episode. I just hated ALL the commercials every 5 minutes. They must of had 10 commercial breaks within the 10 o'clock hour.
  15. so glad it's finally back. this show just keeps me wondering on what will happen next. can't wait till next wednesday.