Lost is almost back :) Anyone else excited?

  1. I am so glad Lost is almost back...

    Not only for the show, but it's the one show my oldest son and I like, so we 'watch it together'...even tho he is in college....we both log on to IM....it's good, gives us a weekly 'date' and opens the way for a lot of conversation.
  2. I am so excited! It is my favorite show! That is a great idea for watching it with your son!
  3. ME:wlae:
  4. I'm excited. I love Lost. Does it start Feb. 7th and at 10:00p.m. instead of 9:00p.m. right??
  5. Me too! I love this show.. it has been so long since the last episode. I also really liked the show they replaced the timeslot with - DayBreak with Taye Diggs - but they cancelled that so I haven't had much a tv fix since then. I'm definitely looking forward to Lost again though!
  6. I'm excited but it's so lame that it'll be on at 10 now coz they got scared of losing out to American Idol. Oh well... and yes, it will be back on Feb. 7
  7. I'm very excited but I didn't know about the time change. I don't like the new time!:sad:
  8. super excited!! and i actually get to watch it in "real time" this season (thanks to abc.com) so i can actually discuss it with people. woo!
  9. How fun - and isn't technology great?!! I know some people think technology is making people more isolated but I just love the way you can still stay close to so many friends and relatives through the internet.

    And I can't wait for the show to start - I feel "lost" without it!!
  10. It's about time. It's been gone for almost 3 months. I've been going through withdrawals. I'm glad it's on at 10 because I don't get home until then on Wednesdays.

    Daybreak sucked, I don't even know why they wasted their time with that garbage.
  11. I love LOST. Can't wait!:nuts:
  12. I can't wait too. Everytime, I see sneak previews I'm like, "Hurry, and come back on!"
  13. Oh I cannot wait! !! how many sleeps now??
  14. I can't wait :yahoo:
  15. What a neat thing for you and your son to do. It's great that even though he's in college he wants to "hang out" with mom.

    I love this show too and am getting excited when I see the clips from the next season.