Lost in the mail?

  1. I'm in Europe, and got a Christmas present for a friend in the US off of eBay. The seller says she shipped it to him on December 15th, but it never arrived. It wasn't an expensive item, just about $60, but I'm still bummed out that it didn't arrive. My friend doesn't really celebrate Christmas, so he doesn't get any presents, and I wanted to surprise him. :crybaby:
    Anyway, do you think there's still a chance the item will show up? It's been more than two weeks now. I don't think it was shipped with any kind of insurance (I wasn't offered one and didn't think to ask) When I asked the seller if she knew what had happened, she just replied with the date in which the item was sent and the address it was sent to. She didn't seem too concerned that it hadn't arrived.

    I do think that the seller did sent the item, she has a lot of positive feedback and I don't see why she would not (she seemed very helpful when I first purchased the item) Do you think I should still ask for a receipt to prove that she sent it, and possibly notify PayPal that the item didn't arrive? I mean, if it got lost in the mail, then it really isn't the seller's fault, and I don't want to be a ***** about it :s
    Or should I just let it go and order my friend a new Christmas present?

    Any input is appreciated.
  2. You have every right to get your money back..You can ask the seller for a refund or file a claim with Payapl or make a chargeback with your CC...I beleive you have 45 days to file a claim with Paypal ..If you want to wait a little longer to see if it arrives...Hope this helps
  3. I figure that'll be the right thing to do. Although I don't want to be mean about it, since the seller was being very helpful at first and did agree to ship to my friend in the US instead of to me in Europe :s

    I guess I'll wait a while longer and if it doesn't arrive I'll ask if she has a receipt to prove that she shipped it. But does anyone know how much of a chance there is that it'll turn up? It has been more than two weeks, I don't know how long shipping is supposed to take within the US. If there's a minimal chance that it'll arrive, I guess I'll have to order my friend a new present asap. It sucks that it didn't arrive in time for Christmas, though :sad:
  4. What state is the seller from and what state is your friend from? There have been blizzards in KS, NM, and CO. If the package went through one of those states, that could be the reason for the delay.
  5. The seller is in Ohio and my friend is in Minneapolis :flowers:
  6. it's possible it will still arrive, but it is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the package arrives. This means, at least if you paid with paypal, that the seller is obligated to get delivery confirmation (she should be able to give you the DC number) and also to insure the package. If the package doesn't arrive, it's her fault, and you should file a claim with paypal. I would go ahead and ask her for the DC number, maybe give it another week, and then file a claim if it still isn't delivered.

  7. A lot of sellers say in their auction(s), if the buyer doesn't get insurance, then the seller isn't responsible, once the package has been mailed, if it gets lost, misdelivered, etc. Also, not all sellers will use DC.
  8. I used to sell body jewelry online (not on eBay, though) and if something went missing after I shipped it out I didn't feel like it was my responsebility (I kept receipts to prove that I'd shipped the item out) I did replace the items, though, because they only cost me a few dollars a piece and I didn't want the hassle with an unhappy buyer (only time I didn't replace the items was when a girl bought three items off me, paid for them separately and somehow, they all went missing :confused1: Turns out she'd given me a fake address, and the items were never returned to me)
    So to look at it from a seller's point of view, I don't think the seller should be blamed if the item really did go missing in the mail. But if she forgot to save the receipt I guess there's no way she can prove that she did ship it, and although I do believe her (I've been fooled before, though) there's really no telling if she did ship it or not. I haven't asked for a receipt yet, though, but if I was the seller and I had one I would've offered to show it as soon as the buyer let me know that the item hadn't arrived. :s

    I'm sorry about the rambling, I guess I'm just upset that my friend didn't get my Christmas gift.
  9. I have been waiting for 2.5 weeks for some items to arrive in Canada from the US - it may be due to the Christmas load.

    You have 45 days to file a report - try waiting until the end of next week. That's what I am doing...
  10. I would wait another week - I had mailed a pair of earrings on Dec. 13 via Priority Mail and the receiver didn't receive them until this past Thursday because of the Christmas rush.

    I hope your friend receives it soon:smile:
  11. I had something take over 4 weeks to get to PA from Germany. It got stuck in customs for a while.
  12. thanks, everyone, it makes me feel a bit better. I just want him to get his present as soon as possible and I'm still not sure if I'm going to order a second one just in case :flowers: But I wont contact PayPal or anything for a while longer.
  13. You may not believe this..but I shipped a pair of shoes to Germany (E-bay auction). The buyer did not get the shoes until 9 weeks later!! They had not been addressed wrong, we don't really know what happened. Thank God she was very patient.
  14. Wow, that was long :wtf:
    It might have gotten stuck in customs, though.
  15. Yeah, as far as customs goes, I would wait before ordering another one. I ended up with 2 LV Snow Globes because I was worried about not having 1 at all. So I ordered one from KarenKooper after the one from Germany didn't arrive. Ended up paying for and owning 2 LV Globes.