Lost in Starbucks...

  1. I need Starbucks help PLEASE! haha, I decided to go into Starbucks for the first time yesterday and was overwhelmed by the menu! What are the differences in the different drinks, sizes, etc? How do you pronounce GRANDE and Machiatto? AHHHHHHGGG! What makes a latte a latte, and what is a frappachino? sp? Please, someone give me a quick Starbucks 101! Oh, by the way, I ordered a Tall Vanilla Latte and loved it!
  2. well for a starbucks virgin you did good!! That is one of my favorite drinks!!!
  3. Take my hand, I'll lead you through the Land of Starbucks.

    A small is a tall
    A medium is a grande
    A large is a venti
    (But they're not picky about what you call the sizes. Well, they shouldn't be anyway. They accept either answer.)

    A latte is steamed milk poured over espresso shots. (A small has one, a medium and large has two. They can take away or add shots if you'd like.) You could order whatever latte is on the menu (a white mocha) or you can add whatever syrup you want (a raspberry white mocha).

    Macchiato - MACH ee ahto (that's shots poured over steamed milk. A caramel macchiato is vanilla syrup at the bottom, then steamed milk, then shots and drizzled with caramel.)

    A frappuccino is a blended drink. (Like the Dunkin' Donuts Coffee coolatta.) It's a coffee base blended with ice. You can get a coffee frappuccino, or you can get flavored ones: caramel, mocha, java chip. The flavored ones come with whipped cream, the coffee one doesn't unless you ask for it. They come in regular, decaf or light. (The light frappuccino's base is made with skim milk and splenda so it's the lesser of two evils.) You can't get a decaf light because that's two seperate mixes. (And they don't put whipped cream on the light ones unless you ask.)
  4. Here's a way I used to help customers figure out what they want:

    Do you want something iced or hot?
    Do you want something sweet?
    Do you like coffee?
  5. So a latte has more caffeine than a frapp or a cappucino (sp?)
  6. I had to AIM someone I used to work with at Starbucks for the answer:

    The ratio espresso to coffee is for every shot of espresso (1.5 oz), the caffeine is equivalent to 4 oz of coffee, so a triple tall americano (a tall Americano has two shots, normally, but when you add a shot, it's called a triple) is equivalent to a tall brew.
  7. wow caitlin, you are such a sweetie to take the time to write all this. thats really nice.:flowers:

  8. How sweet of you to check. thanks so much :heart:
  9. When I was working there, I always felt sorry for the poor dears staring at the menu, frightened because they had no idea what to order. (:wtf: )

    I would usually tell the customers the shortened version of what I just told you.

    Tara, good choice on the vanilla latte, by the way!
  10. Caitlin.....thank you sooo much for all the input! You were so helpful and that was so sweet of you to take the time to write all of that. I really appreciate it! I'll let you all know about my next trip!!!
  11. Tara -

    I think we are all overwhelmed when we first started ordering there. It gets better with practice...the other day I went in and ordered my favorite, and the barista told me "Now, that's how you place an order!!" :yahoo:

    Let me recommend a couple of my favorites for you to try:

    1. nonfat caramel macchiato (which was discussed above)

    2. nonfat pumpkin spice latte (back out just in the last week or so, it's seasonal, and I love it, makes me feel ready for fall and curling up in my jammies with a good book!) - Other seasonal goodies will be gingerbread latte and eggnog latte!!

    3. Banana Coconut frappucino, with whip (when I splurge big time) I also like the caramel light frappucino, as a lighter option

    4. White chocolate mocha with whip (it's delicious, but more like a dessert than a drink!!!)

    5. Nonfat iced vanilla latte - basically, it's what you ordered today, but on ice! It's a very nice summery drink, but I get it year round! Very refreshing!

    Let us know if you try any of these, and what you think of 'em! Good luck and have fun finding your own personal favorites!
  12. A couple of my faves:

    -Venti Passion Tea Lemonade with 4 pumps of Valencia and 3 pumps of Vanilla [highly recommended]

    -Tall French Vanilla Latte with 1 pump of Raspberry

    -Venti White Chocolate Mocha with 1 pump of Raspberry

    -Grande Strawberries N Cream Frappucino
  13. Ohh, I love the raspberry. I raspberried myself out two years ago when I had EVERYTHING with 2 pumps of raspberry. Raspberry mocha fraps, raspberry hot chocolate, raspberry latte, raspberry everything!

    I also love having a pump or two of peppermint in my mochas during xmas time.

    What I got yesterday: a grande soy latte with a packet of honey. SO GOOD!
  14. Caitlin you are so sweet! You sound like a teacher!