Lost in a sea of designer bags **help**

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  1. Hi Ladies and Gents,

    I apologize in advance if I ask questions that were discussed before. If you have not seen my post before in the Newcomer's lounge please allow me to introduce my self.

    I am a male looking for an ideal bag for my girl friend of two years. Within the next month, we will be celebrating our anniversary and I am looking for a perfect bag as a present. She has not expressed interest in designer bags before but lately I have been receiving subtle messages that she wants one.

    Choosing a bag for her is very difficult as I do not have a slightest clue on what is "in". What prevents me from actually buying and is the huge barrier would be my stagnant fashion sense. That is why I am here in this virtual forum learning, studying, and seek guidance.

    I want this "perfect" bag to be an all occasion bag that she can tote around during and after work. I know that I am providing broad criteria’s but the following information should be more than enough for you all to help me choose a bag for her:

    -Budget is +- $1K
    -She is athletic
    -Her favorite color is avocado green
    -She is an Associate Business Development Manager
    -She works at an advertising firm
    -Very outgoing and likes the outdoors

    Thank you for reading and hope to hear your suggestions soon.
  2. How VERY sweet of you. My suggestion would be Balenciaga, maybe a day bag, and you can never go wrong with a neutral color... but I'm partial to the bbags anyhow! I'm sure others will be round with more suggestions, but a good idea might be for you to go into the designers forums and browse at the photos other gals have posted of their bags! It might give you a better sense of what you think she might would like.
  3. WOW! You're a great BF! My hubbie won't even venture into the handbag section of the department store, let alone log onto TPF!!!!

    I was actually going to suggest Balenciaga too, but you said less than $1000. The small bag is $995 (I think it's still that price) - so with tax thats over the limit. Besides, I think the small would be too small anyhow, so that would mean the City (medium) bag, which will go over $1200.

    What about a Gryson? They're less than $1K and online you can probably find it at a 20-30% discount, which would put you around $700. I would go with the Olivia, considering her career. This is the bag in Military, which I think is a great color:

    I just got one of these myself (in black), and I really, really like it. I don't think they have Avacodo Green, but there is a Forest green. I don't know if the Olivia comes in green, but this is the Josey bag (which I think is a really nice bag, altho I still like the Olivia better!) in that color

    The bag is lined with suede and is very luxurious, but it's soft slouchy leather keeps it a little more casual. I think it's the perfect bag for work and/or play. That would be my suggestion.

    I was thinking about a Gustto Setela (which I also just got & am currently carrying) - the size would be good for work, and the leather is fantastic - very durable and extremely lightweight. But I think the style would be just a little too casual for her job.

    There are so many to choose from really - Kooba would be another good choice. I'm sure someone around her knows a good style to suggest.

    Still, I think the Gryson is a good idea. Good Luck and be sure to let us know what you decide and then come back & give us her reaction!
  4. I'd still say Balenciaga. The First is (still) $995. If you buy from BalNY, there is no tax (if you're not a NY resident, which it looks as though you are not) nor shipping. Part of the beauty of B'bags is the extraordinary range of colors. They have a bunch of greens (not sure I'd characterize any as "avocado", but they have a number of mid- to dark greens). The SAs are wonderful, and would be happy to send you pics.

    And, let me echo, what a TERRIFIC BF you are!! My husband would not dream of buying me a purse. Tell her she's very lucky!!!!
  5. if you go to the designer forums section of tpf, you will see what are the top 4 most popular designers by threads:

    1. Louis Vuitton (approx. 220,000)
    2. Balenciaga (8,300)
    3. Chanel (8,000)
    4. Hermes (6,000)

    therefore, you really can't go wrong with any of the above designers in terms of trendy and popularity, which to me, doesn't necessarily mean it's what your gf will like, but the chances are better if an "in" bag is what you want.

    i'm not that familiar with these designers so all i know is that hermes bags cost the most if you want the classic styles (far beyond your budget?), but based on how you described your gf (the fact that she's in advertising!), i don't think she can go wrong with any of the top 3, LV, chanel or balenciaga. you may want to go into each of the forums and ask those experts once you decide on a designer. another suggestion would be to ask either your gf's best friend or mother if they have an idea as to which of the 4 designers she has given praise in the past. lastly, has your gf's hints given you any clue about what she wants? usually when i hint about a bag, i know exactly which one i want...so it might be worth it to prod a little.

    my personal preference, is LV. :smile:

    hope this helps.
  6. Hello. What bag or bags is she carrying? Besides avocado green, what other colours does she like?
  7. My vote is for a Balenciaga bag as well!! :love:

    Either a City ($1195) or Twiggy ($1095, but its a more casual shape), and as Kathy K mentioned, if you order from BalNY over the phone, there are no taxes outside of NY/NJ & no shipping charges... :yes:

    Balenciaga has a number of gorgeous browns, blues, & greens to choose from... Most recent colors available (i.e., that you would still be able to find w/o a hassle): http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/2005/11/balenciaga-color-swatches-by-season.html Last color swatch on the bottom, courtesy of ateliernaff... I just happened to have this up on my computer, so I figured I would post it for you!! :biggrin:

    What a great boyfriend you are!! I wish I could send my hubby to a finishing school or something!! LOL... And on a side note - I'm a Marketing professional as well, so Balenciaga bags are very "creative", yet certain styles lend themselves to a professional environment.
  8. i think the 4 designers randr21 gave are excellent choices, but they also give off really different vibes. does your gf want her everyday bag to be a bit showy? LV is known for mostly logoed bags, imo. if your gf wants a really eye-catching color-intense bag, then bbags are great because in my mind that's what sets them apart. however, bbags are not as widely known and recognized as LV, especially LV monogram print, so if your gf wants something everyone will instantly recognize (along with all the "is it fake" looks people may give her), bbags probably wouldn't have that same effect. one more thing to consider - even tho avocado green is her favorite color, does that mean she wants her everyday bag to be that color? if she's a manager, she may want something a bit demure and neutral? i dunno - one of my favorite colors is pink, but if i was looking for my first designer bag to be used for every day and for work, i definitely wouldn't go for pink...lol... hope i helped, and the world definitely needs more boyfriends like you!!!
  9. You can't go wrong with Louis Vuitton. :graucho:
  10. another one for Balenciaga!
  11. Can you post pictures of her current favorite bags? That's probably the best way to figure out what she'd like. I have a friend who dresses very conservatively but likes really funky bags.
  12. I say get her a LV - but I am biased because it's my favorite!
  13. Thank you all for the recommendations. I have to admit that I am not much of a shopper and sometimes...sorry, most of the time get nauseated when shopping for more than 1 hour at the mall. Do all your husbands/bf's have the same symptom as I do?

    Her bags are mostly totes and shoulder bags bought from Target or clearance sales at Macy's. She is not the "flashy" type and all of her clothes are very conservative (neutral colors, simple design), if I get her an LV bag it’s certainly going to throw negative signals because her clothes/ style do not meet the same standards of an LV. Her hints did not state a particular designer but subtly stated, "I need a bag upgrade" and "Your mom's LV bag is too flashy." Given that fact, I suppose LV bags are eliminated from the list of designers.

    The reason why I capped my budget to >$1K is that I got her an Omega watch already and this segways to another discussion, but I will not go into that. I have developed 10-15% cost overages for tax and shipping charges so $1k would be my gross spend.
  14. Another vote for Balenciaga..
  15. Wow, how sweet of you!

    Perhaps a Marc Jacobs bag? There are some lovely, simple ones out there.

    I love this one:

    This is "olive," but maybe she'd like the color?