Lost hope....

  1. Back in February I found out about the LV cloud bags and I was really excited to get one! So I added my name onto the waiting list, even more excited I was the first on the list at that store. April 1'st came by and I notice there are alot of people who recieved their cloud bags but I haven't had a call yet. I called my SA and asked her how come I haven't recieved mine yet!? She told me the store only recieved 10 of those bags and they go to the VIP customers. Stupid SA lady she probably wasnt smart enough to check my record in their systems. I spent over 17 grand at their store this year alone. Is it just me or these SA expect you to kiss their behinds to get a bag?
  2. OMG! Are they serious!!! I dont even know what to say! 17k is a whole lot of money!!! Can you not speak to the manager of the store and ask what is going on!?
  3. Call the store manager and if that doesn't work call 1866VUITTON. You should DEF get a olympe bag. You deserve it.
  4. Sorry to hear about this. Hope they will find you one soon.
  5. I would raise hell with the store manager. First of all, you've spent loads of money already and you were first. If that happend to me and it wasn't rectified, it would probably leave a bad taste in my mouth for a while. It would probably be good for my bank account tho'.
  6. that sucks - I would be super pissed. And if you are not a VIP, you definitely should be, c onsidering how much money you spent there. I would definitely go into the store and ask to speak directly to the store manager. They have more say than the SA's do, hopefully they will be able to help you get your bag.

    Good luck!!
  7. Get this... I also dropped by to remind my SA about my bag and you know what she said? "Sure I'll call you and also the other hundreds of people who are waiting for that bag." I think she was being sarcastic so I went to go look for another SA to get help and he didnt even know which bag I was talking about! So I called the manager and he tried to get me to buy the Riveting bag instead. I was like "omg are you kidding me? I don't want that bag!" So I went across the street to Chanel and purchased a beautiful white bag from them instead. Yikes!
  8. I would try another store. I am on the list for the olympe pm and my store said the list isn't that long. Is this the same SA that you spent $17k with? Maybe you should go to that SA.
  9. WHAT?!?!?!? I would be too pissed! Enjoy your Chanel though, but that LV boutique would never see another thin dime out of me!!! :cursing:
  10. That's for sure. I hope you enjoy your chanel bag.
  11. omg...how irritating and frustrating to be treated like that! wth does it take to be a vip? i would think our $17K speaks for itself!!
  12. They can't do that, it defeats the whole point of the waitlist. I can understand if one or two VIC's were bumped up but to say all 10 bags went to VIC's doesn't sound right.

    At my store they have only rec'd 2 Cloud/Olympe bags (Nimbus) and they were sold to walk-ins, there is a waitlist for the Cirrus and Stratus but those bags have not been rec'd yet.
  13. In this case, I have got to wonder what your store wants from you in order to be a VIP? And how snotty of an SA to tell you the bags go to VIP's first anyway, that's not even a decent thing to say to anyone under any circumstances.
  14. Sorry to hear you didn't get your bag.
    Sounds like a very rude SA, to tell you "yes, you and the 100 others" is no way to talk to a customer. Even if she has a 1000 people waiting.
  15. Augh! How rude, that's quite a lot of money you've handed over to them, you deserve better service than that. You should seriously consider having a little chat with the manager!

    And why aren't you a VIP? 17k!!!