Lost half my Cartier Love Bracelet

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  1. I lost half my bracelet size 19 it fell off my wrist while biking. How do i get another half?
  2. How terrible! I hope someone can give you advice on this. You probably already did this but I'll ask anyway.... Did you ride back exactly the same route you took when you lost the bracelet half? Good luck anyway:sad:
  3. Omg :sad: i am so sorry!
    Have you tried to find there?
    Hope you find it!!![emoji173]️
  4. I hope you find it. I would contact the boutique and see what they can do. Did you have the bracelet insured?
  5. wasn't insured. Fell down a grate can't get it back
  6. So terrible! Was it the old screw system or the new? A wonderful seller that I purchased my love from on Ebay currently has a half bracelet for sale if you don't have luck with Cartier. Feel free to pm me and I can give you more info……
  7. OMG, NO!!!! I doubt you can replace a half, its a long shot. Try contacting Cartier, they usually require you to send your jewelry to them for service and repair even if you're just missing a simple part. As I stated, its a long shot. Good luck.
  8. Cartier will make the other half for you.
  9. Too bad someone on ebay is selling half of a size 18 new screw system I will keep an eye out for a size 19
  10. This makes me sick to my stomach - I'm sorry!
  11. Wow I didn't know that could happen good to know about these bracelets.
  12. Was this the old screw or the new screw system?

  13. Try calling the city that you were in to see if they can get into the man hole/grate? Ive heard of stories where they have done stuff like that. Hopefully they will or offer some sort of solution to get in there somehow.
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