Lost french purse :( :(

  1. So today as I was leaving my house I realized I didn't have my wallet (mono french purse) and I started freaking out. :sad: I didn't know if it was stolen, misplaced, or if I left at school (I come home on weekends). I called my roommate and she said she couldn't find it and THEN I really started freaking out! I don't even care about the money in the wallet-- I only had 6 dollars in it! I'm a poor college student!!! But to think that my 2 month old wallet that was supposed to last me forever was gone was the most horrible thought!!!! Or that it was in the hands of some stranger! EVEN WORSE!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    But my roommate just told me she found it on the floor of our room!!!!!!!! It had fallen out of my neverfull! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    This is the happiest ending to a seemingly lost wallet scenario!!!!!!!
    Just had to share with my fellow tPFers!! Now i am rethinking carrying around a $570 wallet.. TOO MUCH STRESS if lost!!!!
  2. At least you found it ! Those that have Vuitton wallets really are blessed by fortune. :graucho:
  3. YAY!! I'm glad you found it. Going through the nightmare of stolen identity is not fun....been there!
  4. phew, thank goodness you found it! Have you thought about putting it in the zipper pouch of neverfull?
  5. I'm glad you found it!
  6. i can relate to yr feeling...nowadays, i ALWAYS check for my wallet whenever i leave a place..:tup::yes:
  7. Lucky you found it girl! I would have locked myself up in Grief if I had lost it myself...not that I carry an LV purse...
  8. Classic chic- I really should keep it in the zipper pouch of the neverfull. I will definitely be more careful from now on.. I switch my bags so often going between neverfull (for class) to other smaller bags it's hard for me to keep track. not good!
  9. no problem! have you thought about pursket? It's a haven send when i'm in hurry to swap between purses/totes.
  10. Oh my goodness, losing an LV is so scary. :sweatdrop:

    *Phew* So glad that you found it.
  11. I am so glad you found it.
  12. :yes:WOO! So glad there is a happy ending to this nail-biter!!!!
  13. Happy ending yeah!
  14. thank god!
  15. Oh wow! Now I'm going to put my LV wallet in in the zippered compartment of my totes!!