Lost & Found

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted already, but did anyone hear about the fellow who found a louis vuitton purse filled with money and jewels. What's great about this story is that he actually returned the item and nothing was missing! I guess the saying "never under estimate the kindness of strangers" is true!
  2. i never heard that that's incredible.......i guess there are some really great honest/trustworthy people out there :P
  3. Wow I hope he got a nice jewel as a reward!
  4. Yes! The jewels was estimated to be about 1 million dollars worth. What a good samaritan.
  5. Wow. Good to know there are still honest people in the world. I bet the owner was happy!
  6. For sure! They were actually there on vacation and left the purse behind on a bench!
  7. Yep, it was a speedy !
  8. I probably wouldn't carry my "jewels" around though.
  9. a 12 carat diamond ring? wow! i hope that man gets good karma!
  10. Nice! Glad there are still honest people out there :biggrin:
  11. wow, thats awesome.!!

    maybe the guy who found it had lotsa money to begin with and didnt need it?!?!?

    anywho... thats awesome... honesty!
  12. Wow that's so nice! I'm glad there is still honest ppl out there! Do you think he got a reward? I would give him one lol!
  13. I hope he gets the thanks he deserves. Not a lot of people would've done that.
  14. Wow ... there's hope for this world yet!