lost/found cell phone ethics? what to do?

  1. I found a cell phone on the sidewalk, and would like to return it to the rightful owner, but I don't know how to do so. At first I thought I'd just call someone in their contacts list, but after thinking about it I realized that might be weird and invasive to look through their stuff, and how do I know who to call? I know I have some people in my contacts that aren't necessarily friends, or are work contacts and I would be embarrassed if someone called them regarding my lost phone.

    What would you do? What would you want to be done if it was your phone?

    Should I just wait for someone to call it, and pick up? Or is that invading their privacy as well?
  2. I understand how you feel about not wanting to "snoop", but I found a cell phone last summer and I actually did call the first person on the contact list and left a message that I had found the phone. It worked out fine.
  3. last time i found a phone, i just waited for someone to call it (which was pretty quickly) and lo and behold, it was the owner!
  4. I saw someone in NYC once drop their cellphone as they got into a cab...I pressed dial and it called the last person, who happened to be with them, and we met up on a corner so I could return the phone to them, they were SO happy!

    If I lost mine, I would hope the finder would answer if I called, or call someone in my recent calls and tell the person you found my phone...

  5. Aaaah, that's perfect!:yes:
  6. I'd call someone on the contact list, but then, I always find stray dogs and do whatever I can to find the owner. Intrusive or not, they are probably looking high and low for it, and would just be incredibly happy you returned it.

    Although, waiting for it to ring is a great idea. First thing we do when a cell goes missing is call it to see if it fell somewhere we can't see. DH is always losing one in the car.
  7. Well, find out what carrier the phone belongs to and then take it to the carrier's shop that is nearest to you.
  8. or look through the address book for a 'home' entry if they don't call you and leave a message? one time my cell phone dropped out of my pocket and i was devastated...it was brand new! and so i called it and called it and the person who picked it up answered and returned it to me that evening. i was soooooooooo relieved!!!!!!!
  9. You could always take it to the carrier of the phone. If not, the other suggestions are good!
  10. look through the contacts for 'mom' or 'dad' or 'home' or something of the sort, or call the last person the owner has called and explain the situation. the owner will appreciate it :flowers:
  11. When I lost my phone someone handed it to the local police station. They called 'mum' as thats who they always call and I got my phone back. Lol they had sooo much trouble working it though (I have an LG prada)

    But call 'mum' or 'dad' or 'home' or keep it on and see who texts/calls next then respond to that!
  12. Look for home, or ICE (in case of emergency) and call that number..I bet the person will be thrilled :smile:
  13. yeah..look for Home, Mom, Dad..thats what I did when i found a cell phone :smile: The parents were really cool with it and were not offended that I snooped through their kid's cell phone at all.
  14. Yeah, I don't think they'd be mad that you went through their contacts. Also, most phones list the phone's number somewhere in the menu settings. I'd find that, call it, leave a voicemail telling them how to get in touch with you. They're bound to try calling it. This way, if you're not there, they can check the VM and get your info to contact you.
  15. i would just look thru their contact and try to make contact...:tup: