Lost cause for 225 Reissue?

  1. Hi All,
    Is the 225 size of the Reissue completely nowhere to be found? I would love to have one in the black leater..
    anyone know where I can still find one or provide style number?

    thank you so much! :tup:
  2. baghopeful, the boutiques and some dept stores are releasing the metallic black in the 225 size if you are willing to wait it out another month. the metallic black reissue is simply gorgeous.

    if you are looking for the plain 2005 anniversary reissue, those are very very hard to find. your best bet is eBay or a good SA that is willing to keep one on his/her radar. Usually returns or stock that has been ignored in the backroom...
  3. Hi absolutanne!
    thank you so much for the news! :yahoo:Any suggestions on how I should go about finding which dept stores or boutiques will get the 225 metallic black? I am definitely willing to wait the month or more..because that is the one I want! :love:
  4. whoa! Why do you have 2 user names here?
    I'm going to ban your baghopeful one, in the future, please know we do not allow anyone to have 2 accounts here.
  5. Hello,

    yes, apologies. baghopeful will no longer be used.

    thanks for the reminder!
  6. you should probably try calling around. I know Saks will be receiving black metallic reissues but I'm not sure which size it is. Call soon! Try also Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom and Chanel botiques as well. From what I've gathered, the metallic black waitlists are like a mile long!
  7. you could always wait for the 2.55 pearls, it's gorgeous.
  8. ^Any pictures or news on when that's going to come out?
  9. Hi,

    I just went to the trunk show at Northbrook NM, and they said mid to late August for the Metallic Black. I believe NM only ordered the large and XL. I think I heard somewhere also that the Chanel Boutiques will not be recieving it.... I am waitlisted for the Dark Silver and the Metallic Black. The are saying the Black Metallic is TDF. Need to see them both to decide.

    Good Luck!
  10. Hi,
    I have a great SA in San Francisco (155 Maiden lane 4159811550). Her name is Jennifer, she is reserving a metallic black 226 for me. Should be in within 4 weeks.
  11. Sorry, forgot to finish my message. It sounds like she has quite a few that she can reserve. Even, if she doesn't have one in her store she is great at hunting down items. Give her a call.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I know the boutique in Las Vegas at the Wynn is getting them. The phone number is 702 765 5055. I'm on the reserve list myself. I think they have more available. Carrie helped me.