Lost boyfriend needing helo

  1. Hi all purse lover,
    I need your help! My gilrfriends only whish for a long time has been the infamous mulberry roxanne and i have decided to give her one this christmas! Here is the problem; i don't have the faintest idear about what to look for when buying online, and if i should buy it from the store it would cost me £595! This is ofcourse the only solution i'm left with if you girls/guys can't help me so i would really appreciate if you would have a look at the picture i've posted and see if you can clearify the authenticity! There will be a couple of more pictures coming shortly and the price of the bag is £300! PLZ PLZ help a lost boyfriend who only want to make his girlfriend happy!
    Best regards jesper
  2. aww.. thts so sweet of you to do that for ur girlfriend....
    about the bag, i cnt really say it looks authentic.. as its too shiny and the pic is from tooo far away.. but i cud be totally wrong..

    seems like you are from england, as u were describing the prices in £s..
    if you live in london, then you might be in luck as Mulberry is having a secret sample sale in the first week of december.. i will try and upload the link on here now.. maybe you could find an authentic mulberry there and be assured you're giving her the real thing..xx
  3. What a lucky girl!

    The picture is too small to be able to tell, i'm not an expert either so wouldn't like to say one way or another. If you're buying on ebay look at the sellers feedback and other items they are selling.

    Because you are using the £ symbol i'm assuming you're from the UK. Check to see if your local outlet village has a Mulberry as you can save £100+ buyin in one of those...although you can't always guarantee colours you can give them a call before you go.

    I live in the South East and have been to Bicester Village (fairly big store) and the factory shop at Shepton Mallet (defo worth a visit if you're not too far) in Somerset.

    Good luck
  4. hmm.. it is pdf file and i cnt seem to upload it.. hang on..
  5. dont knw.. i tried to convert the file into jpeg aswell but it is not happening.. sorry, does anyone know how i can upload a pdf file on here?
  6. I had that pdf through too and had the same problem. I don't have it anymore as i'm away when it's on...maybe pm him with it? :idea:

  7. Hi! I am studying in Bristol and I'm going to London to visit my bf in the first of week of December. I'm really interested in going to the Mulberry secret sample sale. Do you think you could pm me the pdf as well? Thanks soo much!
  8. Sure! will do, otherwise i will try n email it to u if ur email is on the file..:heart:
  9. Hi all! Thank you so much for the help you've given me already! Hope she will consider herself lucky as well:rolleyes: Unfortuanently i'm not from london but form Denmark so i won't have the chance to go to the show - but great idear though! Here are some more pictures i had send! Maybe they will help!
    I'm so glad that you want to help me! best regards jesper
    Mulberry.jpg Mulberry 2.jpg
  10. i knw..dunno, guess we can only upload jpegs and not pdfs.. i tried to email him the invite but there is no email address thr..:confused1:
  11. ohh.. sorry abt tht.. well these pics are too tiny aswell.. cant seem to make out much jesper.. i saw a mulberry bag hugely marked down on the Barney's usa website, its not the roxanne but its a pretty cute bag neway.. take a look.. hope they ship it to denmark..!!
  12. I will take it all in to consideration! Think i'm going to make a bid and then hope for the best! There is a mulberry store just around the corner and i think i will take it down there after receiving and make them have a look! If there's a problem i just have to complain!:cursing: Can't thank you all enough! you've been most helpful even with the lack of quality pic's i've been posting! Marry christmas to all
  13. ooh, i'm planning on heading down to london soon and i hope you wouldn't mind me jumping on the bandwagon and asking about the details of the sample sale too. :smile:

    i've been waiting to get a bayswater and i'm just hoping that the prices for it might be discounted for the boxing day sales. *crosses fingers*
  14. so swweet .. do some research before you go buying online especially if its a bag she crazy for. ..if its fake then your really going to have a problem with your girl .. ;)
  15. Sure.. no problem.. the sale is in New bond street, on the 6th and 7th of December.. u will need to print out and bring the invite along.. leme try and email you the pdf file..:heart: