Lost bidding on the CB Pochette =(

  1. Bleh..Don't you just hate when that happens?
    I had this auction under my watchlist for some days, a pink cb pochette, lovely! And it was another tpfer that sold it too.
    So I put my highest bid and went to bed, woke up this morning and got outbid by 5 dollars -_-.

    I really wanted the pink cb pochette :crybaby:And this one had fairly many CB's on it.

    I've been blue all day over this :crybaby:

    And, bf told me, after this one i'm on ban until july. And I didn't even win it! Sucks..
  2. Aww...don't worry, another perfect CB pochette will turn up in your near future!
  3. I hope so :sad:
  4. That is why I dont put a bid until the last 2 minutes of the auction.
    Good luck, I hope another one will turn out soon.
    Just think of it this way, if you get the bag later, your purse ban will feel shorter.
  5. aww I am sorry! I know another will pop up! Oh I knwo I hate when I get outbid by 5 dollars! The samething happened to me for this really special Coach bag, I went to put water for the coffee and when I came back to eBay, I had lost it for like 2 dollars!
  6. keep your eyes open and good luck!
  7. Another one will come your way- I think LT has one on his site right now. I cannot check it since I am at work (funny I can do TPF but not eBay or LT- it is like they know!)
  8. Thank you guys, you always make me feel better :yes: