Lost Baggage??

  1. So I just returned last Saturday from a trip to Africa and unfortunately Air Canada lost my baggage. It's been about a week now and they still keep telling me that they don't know where it is yet and to just keep waiting.

    Has anyone else had experiences with lost baggage? What are the chances that I'm actually going to see my baggage again?? Is there anything I can do to expedite this process?

    Oh and did I mention I'm NEVER flying on Air Canada's sorry excuse for an airline EVER again. :cursing:
  2. Oh wow I'm sorry Kimm....I hope they find it or if not they reimburse you for whatever you had in there.
    I have had good luck with luggage so far in my travels...and most I've known who lost stuff got it back very quickly.
  3. so sorry to hear that Kimmy. My bro lost his baggage while taking SQ airline back to Canada and they misplaced his luggage. Lucky enuf they manage to track his luggage the next following day. I'm starting to worry about yours cos it usually wouldn't take up to a week to track a baggage. This is too long. I hope they'll be able to track it soon and return it back to u ASAP. From what I'm aware of, if they lost your baggage they only reimburse a certain amount (which is not a lot) and not the value you had in your luggage.

  4. It happened to me in Switzerland, but they found it within 24 hours. They were very nice. My advice to you is to stay on them, but be NICE. They will make it worse for you if you are combative. Sorry this happened to you. :flowers:
  5. That happened to me on a trip from Amsterdam to Toronto. I began crying and telling the guy at the counter how much I needed it. He was an ******* by the way. Not my best moment. I had what I was wearing and that's it! It sucked, but within two days they had found it and sent it to me.

    It also happens to my mom all the time, she travels all over the world, and every time they have found it for her.

    I'm sure they'll get it to you! Good luck!!
  6. OH so sorry. Gosh ive never had this happen to me but i say be nice and stay on top of them just like "nathansgirl" said!! GOOD LUCK! i so hope they find your bag
  7. Usually the lost baggage can be easilly checked since they are all individually tagged. It takes less than a day or 2 for it to come back but if all fails, I suppose they should compensate for it.
  8. Happened to me once on a return flight from San Fran to Canada... one of our bags got sent to Hawaii or something like that! They delivered it to our place about 2 days after we returned.

    Oh dear - I hope they can find it! If not, hopefully you have baggage insurance to cover some of your stuff in it!
  9. Thanks for the replies!!

    I really hope I get this bag!! There are things in there that I just can't replace. It's been about a week and still nothing.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. Hi Kimmy,
    My sister flew Air Canada and the same thing happened to her.
    We were living in Hawaii at the time and we were her first stop before her 5 month world trip to Australia, New Zealand, China, etc. She had purchased the exact backpack she wanted and all the other necessaries for such a trip, clothes, books, guides, etc. Air Cananda told her they were unable to locate her luggage and gave her a $50 check. She was devastated and had to purchase everything all over again ($2500+). Her bag showed up 6 months later and Air Canada refused to reimburse her one red cent.

    I am sure you will get your luggage back it is just a question of when.

    I am going to England in a few weeks and I just purchased supplemental baggage insurance from Amex for $4.95. Hopefully I won't need it, but these days you just never know.:shrugs:
  11. One week is too long; lost baggage is usually found and return within one or two days. I have a feeling they can't find it. They should reimburse you a set amount. I'm not sure how much but I don't think it's a lot. Here's a site with more information: aircanada.com - Customer Care - Baggage Contact

    Did you pay for your trip by credit card? I think some credit cards offer automatic baggage protection -- but again, only a set amount. Good luck and I hope they find it!
  12. I have had baggage lost about 9 times and got it back 8 out of 9 times. By the way, if you have travel insurance with AmEX and book your flight with the card you also get some amount of lost baggage insurance..Give you some peace of mind.
  13. i hope they find your luggage. i know how awful it is to lose it! and i agree that one week is a bit too long, but keep calling the airline so that they'll stay on the search for it. and yes, they should offer you some form of compensation as it's been so long.

    when i went home for my first summer in 2004, i took Cathay Pacific, which went from JFK Airport via Vancouver to Hong Kong, then from Hong Kong back to Malaysia. i had only one checked in suitcase, and my carry-on. when i reached Malaysia, i waited at the coveyor belt for my suitcase, and it never came out :crybaby:

    i had to file a report with the airport's Lost & Found, and after much backtracking all the way back to JFK, they found my poor suitcase in Hong Kong :wtf:. it took them two days to locate it and deliver it to me, and even then i had to call them every few hours to ask if they'd found it. when i finally got it back, the handle had broken off, and the whole suitcase had masking tape around it to keep it together :crybaby:. fortunately the airline had someone to fix it for me as compensation.

    after that i swore i'd never fly Cathay Pacfic again :mad:.
  14. OMG that's awful, Kimmy! I really, really hope they find it! Hang in there...don't give up...
  15. it's very rarely the airline's fault that your stuff gets lost or broken. it's the baggage handlers at the airport. of course the level of service when your stuff does get lost is up to them. certain airports are awful for getting your luggage with you, especially when switching planes. i used to avoid checking stuff in as far as possible whenever flying through stockholm arlanda for example because more often than not my luggage wouldn't arrive at my final destination. now luckily enough there is an alternative route to my most frequent one through arlanda since you can't even take a decent sized bag on the plane from the uk anymore!

    if i blamed the airline for every time my bag gets lost i'd probably never fly any airline again. even finnair who are usually fantastic would be on my blacklist because of the staff at the airport in kittilä. that time i wasn't surprised that my bag didn't make it, my first plane was delayed and i ran through the airport to catch my next one but the guy was just not co-operative when i got to my final destination. sas are on my blacklist though, they've lost my stuff about twelve too many times. it may not be their fault but it's always through one of their hubs! not to mention that their stuff is generally soooo rude :mad: unless there's no other alternative i'll never fly with them anymore. they're terribly priced too.

    unfortunately a suitcase isn't officially considered lost until three weeks have passed so until then there isn't much you can do. and the compensation the airline has to provide is ridiculously low so you might have to claim on insurance as well.