Lost Bag

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  1. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. I received my very first Speedy 30 DE for an early birthday present from my husband on January 18th. It was ordered over the phone from the LV website number. After I received it I noticed the zipper was sort of wavy..not going straight across and it bothered me. I called them 2 days later and they said I could return it but they thought over time it would come out , like the creases. I felt like they wanted me to just keep it. After abiut 3 weeks I decided it bothered me too much..after stuffing it with pillows like they advised., So decided to send back. My printer was broke so I took it.to UPS store and they printed it for me and sent it. After 10 days I called LV and they hadn't received it. They had me call UPS...it was back and forth for several days until finally UPS seen it is still lost..but in Spain . Called LV back..they acted like this was not supposed to happen but didn't say that. So now there is an investigation. It just all sounds so weird to me. Do you think it was supposed to be sent to Spain for a zipper to be looked at. I'm so frustrated after waiting so long to finally get the bag I wanted ...then I never even got to carry it. I feel like if it's in Spain it will take forever to get me a new one. Just wondered if anyone knows if this is the way they do it. I could be wrong. Also, the customer service at LV has been pretty bad....some very rude people. So disappointing. Thanks for any advice.
  2. you're in the midwest? so i'm assuming you're in the US? that's very strange that the bag will be routed to Spain instead of one of the warehouse that's located in the US. Did you by chance look at the return address when you shipped it with UPS? If it's lost then you shouldn't be held accountable since there's evidence to support your case. You did drop the bag off to have it ship. Just be persistent and keep following through with LV. sorry you're going through all of this, what a killjoy about your new purchase.
  3. Yes..I am in the Midwest. No..I didn't look at the label..they printed it out and put it on. I do have a tracking number from UPS..So I check everyday. It has been really stressful. I know UPS Will be held accountable..or maybe LV for sending the wrong label. This actually had me in tears one day..over a bag. Definitely not how I thought my first purchase would go. I really just want my bag to carry. Thank you for your response..I thought it sounded weird.
  4. :hugs: Don't be so hard on yourself, you have every right to be upset and frustrated. Yup, you're bag is fully insured so things will surely work out at the end. completely understand, just the waiting sucks. i hope LV make things right for you very soon. Keep us updated.
  5. Wow, that's certainly the runaround. It's unfortunate this is happening, but hopefully you'll have your bag soon. The Speedy 30 in DE is a wonderful bag, and I'm sure you'll get lots of use/ enjoyment from it once it arrives. Good luck!
  6. Thank goodness the bad is insured. Thank you so much for the kind words..:smile:
  7. Thank you so much. I love the bag so much..can't wait to get it back..:smile:
  8. Did LV provide you with the UPS label?
  9. Yes they did..UPS just printed the label. I just remembered I had the email with the copy of the label and it was supposed to go to LV in New Jersey. So it seems like it is the fault of UPS. That makes me feel better about LV....although I did talk to several rude employees until I got one I'm working with now. It seems like a hassle to track it in Spain. Thanks for your response.
  10. I guess it was the same at fedex but they have now switched to UPS...Yes, it should have gone to the distribution center in New Jersey so if it's Spain, definitely sounds like their error. Did they say why it's in Spain now?
    I'm so sorry this is happening to you, it definitely sounds frustrating especially since you did nothing wrong...I hope it gets resolved soon...
  11. No..they haven't said why LV or UPS said they would update me but it will be 10-14 days. It is very frustrating to be so excited for my very first LV..and it be a gift from my husband. I will definitely put an update here when I hear anything ..hopefully soon. Thanks again.:smile:
  12. You know winter sucks in the midwest when your handbag is making a beeline to sunny Spain:sunshine::beach:

    Good humour aside I'm really sorry that this has happened to you, especially with your first LV. If there's any comfort to be had it's that the bag is fully insured, that this gongshow is in no way your fault, and with any luck UPS/LV will figure everything out quickly and you can then be united with your perfect bag. Hang in there, it will all be worth it in the end:hugs:
  13. so sorry to hear this -- hope it is resolved soon -- keep us posted!
  14. That made me LOL..!! It will be worth it and I will update as soon as I hear. Thank you for your kind words and the laugh.
  15. Thank you so much...I will update as soon as I hear anything..:smile: