Lost and stuck in a rut...

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm a recent 'Hermès only' convert and I've come from the Vogue forums under the same username.

    I feel a bit lost at the moment because I had my heart set on the 28cm black box sellier Kelly with GHW but the manager told me that it will be very hard to obtain. She reluctantly got me to write down my name, number and details of the bag I want. Is this considered a special order? I have a feeling she won't do a thing about anything I order (even if I go through my regular SA) because she doesn't think I'm that serious and I don't want to go back to Chanel because Hermès won't help me out.

    If there is a worldwide shortage of box, should I take the reseller/eBay route and just buy a more casual black Kelly? If so, what do you suggest? Just how bad is the shortage?

    I'm still on and off about buying a Berlingot and for some reason it's being discontinued so that makes things more difficult.

    Can someone please give me a sense of direction? :sad: I have no idea what to do!

    Thanks in advance. :heart:
  2. I don't think its a special order. At my store when they take down ur name, number and details of the bag, it usually means they'll call u when a bag like that comes in. It's as if they will "look out for it" and know to call u bc u want it. As in shortage of box, I'm not really sure about that. Depends on the store and what they have ordered at podium for the year. My H store has gotten in at least 2 bags of the exact specs that u want. I know for a fact, a 28cm kelly blk box GHW sellier was at my store just 2-3 weeks ago! Depends on how patient u are if u want to go the eBay reseller route. HTH!
  3. Be patient

    its worth the wait , and check with your store often or just pop in
    good luck
    and let us know when you get it!
  4. I see you are in Sydney. Goodness, without sounding harsh, I'd go the reseller route.
  5. have to agree sorry. ! but box is hard to get i was not even able to special order it. therefore i am also going the reseller route and believe me that is something i wish to rather not do.
  6. HI! ive read many of your posts on vogue (it wont let me join since i only have a hotmail email) i think we have the same SA. welcome to the board.

    I really love our store, it seems much less competitive that the US ones i hear about (excluding birkins, kellys and clic clacs) do they still have the tolie HAC 40? thats my dream bag alas all 14 000 dollars of it are out of my reach lol. and yes, with the state of box right now you might have to look at a reseller, or wait i know it sucks but it will test your true love for H
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. :smile:

    naughtymanolo, is your SA Matthew? If so, I am usually served by him too. Hiroko is nice too. I bought a barenia Kelly Double Tour from her and she let me put it on hold while I had a quick think about it.

    I was just lurking on flickr and happened to see this beautiful black Kelly. Can someone please identify the leather for me? This might be a good alternative.

    source: flickr
  8. Depending on the age, Epsom or Courcheval?
  9. ^that's what I think too. A 32 size though. Very nice!
  10. yeah Mathew's my man lol he is so great, the best SA i have ever had. the new manger(ess) is great too i love her enthusiasm for H.

    I tried on your KDT before you bought it lol, it unfortunately didnt fit my fat man wrists, or you wouldn't have it. (i have a complex that the KDT don't fit me its been 2 years and i cant get over it, its one of my fave H bracelets) M said that the next MM or GM to come in is mine but now one here or around the world had ever heard or seen a KDT in a larger size. sigh maybe i will never have one lol.

    It kinda looks like epsom in the pic, that one of my new fave leathers its nice and sturdy and can survive alot. i would def pick it over box since box it one of my least fave leathers (except on belts, cos i have one lol) and is prone to many heartbreaking scratches. but u have to be sure its alot of money, and make sure you find a trusted seller.

    p.s. our prices at the store (esp. birkins and Kellys) are waaaay overinflated, we are second to Japan in the most expensive H prices, so if possible look overseas if you happen to visit anywhere. GF mentioned in another post that you can visit paris buy a birkin there and return airfares, and that all together is less that a birkin at our store. So i would def. opt for the holiday lol (plus you get VAT discount lol)
  11. Why does this picture make me think these are VB's bags?

  12. ^ becuase she has them both! OMG VB is on TPF lol I love you VB! i place first dibs on all the unwanted H items you have
  13. diva black box is often hard to come by IMO no matter where you shop, if you have the time calling round to other stores might help or even more, visiting them and spending time might entice a different SA to help you out if yours is not too helpful.

    luxury zurich is an amazing store/reseller and super helpful, if you register with them or email them to ask for their help you have a much better chance of finding your love bag. good luck!