Lost a Paypal Claim on SNAD because of Tracking

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  1. I returned a bag to a seller that was SNAD (to France) and the seller went on vacation for a month (unknown to me at the time). I did everything correct that Paypal asked me to do. I shipped USPS Express Mail International because I thought this would have the best tracking. At any rate, because the seller was not there to accept the bag, or she would not accept the bag, it was returned to me.

    The claim was denied only because of the wording in the tracking "Attempted Delivery Abroad, June 19, 2009, 7:22 am, FRANCE". Paypal claims that attempted delivery abroad is not enough proof that it was actually delivered to the seller's house and could have just gone to the post office. What! I don't believe this. Now my recourse is my credit card company and to reship. Any advice? Paypal states this is their final decision. Has anyone had any luck getting Paypal to change their mind after a decision? This is getting expensive!!! :pout:
  2. That is awful! I'm sorry that happened.
    Have you called them? I often get further with Paypal on the phone.
  3. Yes, I made multiple calls and the issue was supposedly raised to a Supervisor!
  4. Did you speak w/ the SUPV yourself?

    If you have no success w/ PP, file a chargeback on your CC.
  5. Yes, try calling pp again and if you need to fax the delivery info you might want to

    do that so paypal will know that you shipped the item back and if the person was not

    there to make arrangements for a paackage she knew was coming back, why are you

    be penalized?

    If you don't have any luck, I would contact your cc and do a chargeback.

    Hope this works out for you..
  6. I would stay on the phone to PP until I got this resolved to my satisfaction. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.;)
  7. I am not sure that I am following correctly.......are you saying that you have the bag back in your possession? If that is the case you need to reship it. Then talk to PP again.