lost a diamond earring

  1. I have come to the realization that it might really be gone. It was on my coffee table with it's mate...but is gone, I have searched the floors, sofa..everywhere.

    I have a 4 year old daughter..my older son knows not to touch them, it could be anywhere. totally my fault, should never have put them on the coffee table.

    no, they aren't insured. always meant to. hoping it shows up.

    they belonged to my grandma, she gave them to me a couple of years ago..she has amazing jewelry..i had them re-mounted in beautiful platinum.

    anyone ever lose a diamond? i haven't left the house today, i just keep going over every inch.

    all my fault, feeling horrible

  2. I'm sorry about your earring another TPFer lost a diamond earring to look everywhere & couldn't find it but about a week or so later it turned up. Fingers crossed for you it will appear when you least expect it
  3. Oh that is so hard! Yes, another tpfer amazingly found hers not so long ago.

    Has anyone vacumed?
    Have you gotten down on your hands & knees to feel around?
    Is it in the couch or under it?
    Wait until night when its dark, have the lights on but use a flashlight to look.
    Employ your SO to help you look.
    Could an animal have eaten it?
    Is it stuck to somebody's shoe, the rubber tread?

    Oh I hope you find it! Keep looking it has to be somewhere!

    Best of luck! Don't give up!
  4. Thank you, I'll keep looking. Nobody's vacuumed, but we have this really thick shaggy carpet in our entertainment area (where the earring was lost). It is so thick, I'm not sure if I can feel it if I did happen to go over it.

    Would a metal detector pick up platinum? I just had that idea as I am writing.

    Thank you for your suggestions, I am going to employ all of them!
  5. awww... I'm so sorry. If you do have a metal detector, then I'm sure that it would pick up the earring.

    I hope that you find it!
  6. You will more than likely find it. Those little suckers always come out of hiding. Then, get them insured.
  7. Oh God I feel just awful for you. I really hope you find it.

    I lost an earring last year and I was just frantic. To this day I have no idea where I lost it. I looked everywhere but it never turned up. It was insured but only because I had lost a gold Cartier watch a few months prior and I learned my lesson. Since then I am insured up tp my eyeballs. Stangely enough, I haven't lost anything since.

    Good luck. It's in the house so there's a good chance it will turn up. Crossing my fingers for you.
  8. i feel for you.. everytime i think i lose something i have this weird feeling in my stomach... i hate it! i really hope you find it... i'm very hopeful that you will. good luck!
  9. Aww i'm sure it will turn up!! Try the metal detector if you have one or hire your kids to dig through the carpet . I remember when i had just bought these gorgous silver studs {expensive ones >_<} And i went swimming and then when i got back to the hotel and my hair was caught in my earing so i tugged my hair and then i touched my ear to ajust the back of the earing and then i heard a CLINK down the sink and i touched my ear and it had gone! :sad: i felt like ripping open the pipes! But yea i hope it does turn up!
  10. HUGS........I know the awful feeling of losing something!
  11. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    My son found it deep in our shaggy carpet, most of our home is tile, so it figures it would be in the entertainment area. I said I would give him $10 if he found it...and an hour later he did!!!

    I love my kids! Thank you for your kind encouraging words, I know it isn't the end of the world...but I felt terrible.
  12. I'm so glad that your story had a happy ending! It makes me feel queasy to lose things.

    My kids also go on a hunt if I offer them money (find Mommy's sunglasses and I will give you $2! hahaha.)
  13. :balloon:
  14. I'm glad that the earring has been found! Kudos to your son (a well-deserved $10 was earned)!

    I really think you should have it insured. It seems like it is a very sentimental keepsake.
  15. Lol Aw Congrats glad you found it!