Lost a bet for a $1,000 gift card! :o(

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  1. I had a bet with my husband about something we both saw in a magazine and he bet me a one-thousand-dollar COACH gift card since he was so certain.

    My part of the bet was only a steak dinner so I think he was pretty sure he was right, and he was.

    Can you imagine what I could have done with $1,000 at COACH!! :nuts: oh well!!
  2. Woohoo!!! Wouldn't that be fun to win!

    I made a bet with my husband years ago and won a new car stereo. He won't bet with me anymore. :shucks:
  3. my hubby won't bet with me anymore either, i think he's come to learn that i'm always right! lol :P
  4. Bummer! I bet he was relieved though! lol
  5. I was in a Coach store earlier this year and a man walked in right up to the desk and asked for a $1000 gift card and I went :amazed::amazed:how happy was the recipient of that gift!!!
  6. ^^^
    I need to find me a man like that! :smile:
  7. ^^^me too!
  8. And what were you guys betting on? :graucho: Just curious, if not too personal.
  9. It was an article about some particular foreign beer, and he said the WIRED magazine that he read it in was upstairs in the bathroom and I said that I read it too, but that the magazine was on the coffee table in the living room.
    Turned out that the full article had been in the issue that was in the bathroom and a small update to that previous story had been in the newer issue of WIRED that was on the coffee table. (Does that make sense?)
    Anyways, I maintained that there was NO winner, but he said he won. So I was like whatever and I bought dinner anyway.
    Wasn't bad $ though, since we had coupons from restaurant.com hahaha!!
  10. Woman I would die if I would loss a bet like that...

    Oh well you guys need to bet again and win this time.. It would be an amazing shop fest..