lost 6 kg in 2 weeks

  1. Yup.. lost 6 kg in 2 weeks and it wasn't done intentionally..

    am a guy (not sure if it'll work for girls though). i am 184 cm and 74 kg (previously) my weight is 68 now.. 4 weeks ago, i had this sudden craving for milk.. don't really know why.. so for 2 weeks, i literally live on milk (non-fat one) would eat the occasional dinner and snacks.. but basically i drank lots and lots of chocolate milk.. after 2 weeks, my clothes were getting seriously loose..my jeans were falling down and lots of my friends were commenting on hot much fitter i look.. i was kinda puzzled cuz i wasn't dietting or anything.. i don't even have the intention to shed the pounds to begin with cuz i thought i was fine (184 cm, 74 kg).. i was kinda worried so i went to the doctor to do the normal blood and urine test, everything was fine

    i have eaten normally for the past 2 weeks.. but still drink a lot of milk.. and my weight remains at 68 kg.. did read somewhere that if u include dairy products in ur diets, it will help to slim down.. don't know if it's true..just wanna share my experience.. maybe it could be of some help to some of you..

    ps: not suggesting that u should live on milk..maybe just include milk in ur diet
  2. i think im going to buy gallons of chocolate milk tomorrow haha!!
  3. Men seem to be able to lose weight much easier than women, darn it. I've heard that also, that dairy products can assist in a weight loss program. Thanks for the info. How does a kg. compare to a pound? Is it about 2 pounds?
  4. hahaha..my mom said the same thing :smile:..

    yup, 1 kg is 2 pounds.. so 6 kg is roughly 12 pounds
  5. I wonder if soymilk works?! lol I'm sure it has alot to do with getting full off of liquid instead of food.
  6. There are always those commercials about drinking milk to slim down... but I am allergic- and for a woman, I don't see it working. Ha.
  7. Calcium plays an important role in weight loss.

    Be careful with consuming a lot of soy! You might want to google the dangers of soy before drinking a lot of soymilk...
  8. i am not drinking any soy milk.. it's just one of those regular chocholate milk that you can purchase from 7-eleven..
  9. congrats on the weightloss.....its so unfair that men loose weight so much easier than woman.....aaarghhh
  10. :wtf:

    I could live on chocolate milk!! And could do with losing weight!!

    SO tempted to try and see if it works.

    But IF it doesn't work, and I put on weight... :crybaby:
  11. could opt for the non-fat one.. that's what i drink.. i should stop this madness though.. im drinking at least 2 cartoon of milks these days.. it just tastes better.. sigh
  12. I'm going to start my 'milk-weight-lose-plan' tomorrow... first I need to stock up on chocolate milk!!!
    thanks for the tip... I'll keep you posted...
    I could do with losing a kg or 2 before I hit the gym and lose more weight.

    when I hit the gym full time I eat more... so I'd like to lose a bit of weight before I start...
  13. Congrats on your weightloss! Milk is yummy and healthy. :yes: