Lost 6 inches, but gained 5 back! ;)

  1. I got 6 inches chopped off my hair today (check out my before and after). I was a little nervous since my long hair is my security blanket, so I decided to reward my bravery (lol) with two pairs of CLs, black declics and gold ballets. So the inches I lost in hair I gained back in heel! hehehehe I'm sooooooo excited...can't wait to get them!

    So what do you think about the shoes (and my hair)??? ;)
    before 467x350.jpg after 467x350.jpg cl 467x350.jpg
  2. You are so beautiful! I always love to see what TPFers look like since we usually only see each others feet.

    Your hair cut looks great, it's not too short, you still have nice length lots of volume. I basically have the same haircut and I like that it is so easy to manage and you have so many options.
    And I love the declics, I think that you are going to enjoy them!
  3. Your hair looks great:tup::tup: I agree with Kamilla, you are beautiful.
    Enjoy the shoes!
  4. you look great! I had 5 inches chopped this week too!
  5. Thanks Kam. :heart::heart: (hey, just emailed you...)

    It def will be more manageable! And I'm so excited about the declics, because I feel like I can use these as an everyday pair, whereas most other black CLs out there are so high and I can't walk in them. lol
  6. Thanks gem!!!

    Thanks Swanky. Hey, let's see a picture of your hair!!! :heart:
  7. I don't know, I feel like I'll end up returning the gold ballets (since my nude patent ballets were so uncomfy), but I've wanted them for forever. So I had to at least try them.
  8. Your soo pretty!!!
    Your hair looks great!!!
  9. Congrats on both!
  10. What a beautiful gal you are. Your hair looks great... the shoes are ok, I suppose.;):drool:
  11. I agree with the others, I actually think your hair looks better in the 2nd pic! So well done! And oh yeh, the shoes - great! x
  12. Hair & shoes = perfection!

    I am happy for you!
  13. You are pretty like a doll!
  14. You look great! I love the shoes also. Congrats on both!!
  15. Beautiful hair! Beautiful shoes!:smile: