loss of sight while working out??

  1. so on Friday i was running on my treadmill and all of a sudden the bottom right side of my right eye lost sight (like just totally turned black). almost like someone put a crescent shaped sticker on the bottom of my eyeball. TOTALLY freaked me out. has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know what it could be? I definitely wasnt dehydrated so i know that wasnt the problem, and i wasnt any more out of breath than normal... :shrugs:
  2. I would definitely ask your Dr - asap just in case. This has never happened to me - I've overdone & felt like I was going to be sick but that's about it. I would completely freak if that happened!! Let us know what your Dr says - hopefully it's nothing.
  3. i plan on going to the eye dr. i have to schedule an appt today for it...i think my mom would kill me if i didnt ;)
  4. Did you feel lightheaded at all? Sometimes people lose sight before they faint...
  5. That was the odd part. I feel like i live my life dizzy and lightheaded and for once i actually wasnt....
  6. There might be a very simple reason - maybe your blood sugar gets too low. One of my instructors sometimes asks me to read out the small print on the class schedule out for her after the class as she can't see it herself.

    I never had that myself but it is quite common - it might help if you had some slices of apple or an energy bar before you start exercising, or some kind of energy drink instead of water.