Loss of appetite?

  1. So I've been a little worried about something for about a week and I have had NO appetite whatsoever. I usually have a big appetite and eat 5-6 times a day, so this is really weird for me. I've been forcing myself to eat SOMETHING, but its usually only 200-300 calories a day. I feel sick if I don't eat and sick if I do eat. Is it just because I'm stressed or am I really sick? What should I do? :sad:
  2. Been there done that. There really isn't much you can do unless you can relieve some of the stress you are feeling. When you do eat try and make it as high calorie, high nutrition as you can. Even those Boost Shakes.
    Hope things get better soon.
  3. r u goin thru a rough time emotionally?
    When Im down..I totally lose my appetite.....?
  4. Yeah. :sad:
  5. i'm the same way...when i'm stressed or upset about something i won't eat
  6. Stress can totally put your appetite off whack... when I went thru my last break up, I don't think I ate for 3 days...just drank water & didn't feel any hunger.

    When my appetite woke up after the 3 days, I had a normal dinner, but after that, my meals were pretty light for a few weeks. Like, 2-chicken -nuggets-and-I'm-full type of light. And I ate maybe twice a day.

    Throw in a daily multi-vitamin & try to tackle some fruit to keep your energy up & not get sick.

    I wound up losing 10lbs in 2 weeks, with a total of 19 pounds in 6weeks. Heh... I was overweight at the time, so when I started feeling better about the break-up, I reveled in my new "just-like-high-school" size.

    But that was around 4 years ago & I eat like a trucker now. LOL As you can see from my ticker, a lot of weight crept on & I'm in the process of losing it... with out the itty-bitty meals & stress this time!

    Hope you feel better soon!
  7. If it's seriously bothering you then you could go to a hospital and see if something's wrong with you. More than likely you're just down in the dumps but if it this continues for a long period of time then I would definitley go to the hospital just to make sure everything is okay.

    :smile:I hope you start feeling better!