Losing Weight, diets, etc... your TIPS!!!!

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  1. Hi,

    * do not eat white bread :blink:
    * drink a lot of water:cry:
    * eat like 6 times a day in small amounts :smile:

    do you know a good diet?

  2. The only diet that's been working for me is to eat half of everything (my boyfriend eats the other half and then some) I try to drink lots of water and eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I pretty much eat whatever I want and it surprisingly works :biggrin:
  3. My tips are:
    Eat portions the size of your hand and "stuff" yourself to fullness with greens (specially salad) that you like... I wasn't a salad eater until I had lamb's lettuce :love: (or LL + rocket). If you want, you can have a bit (teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on salad qty) of olive oil to make it taste yummy.
    Rather eat a small portion of what you crave, than a big portion of compensation diet food.
    Stay away from fizzy drinks, incl. seltzer water.
    Drink tea if you can't bear the thought of drinking plain water.

    As for snacking between meals, try and snack on fruit instead of other stuff... but I'm not a natural snacker, nor am I a sweets person, so I don't really have mad cravings for stuff like chocolate.
  4. weight watchers is the only sane way to do it. i lost 30 pounds and never once felt like i was on a diet. i HIGHLY recommend it.
  5. For me it's not about a diet.. it's about a lifestyle.. I follow the staples I've learned in my nutrition classes (and my personal trainer education), live by them and don't consider it a diet. And I do like seeing my abs :biggrin:
  6. I believe that there is no real diet without a proper workout. At least I'm the type who needs to burn off the calories I take in by exercising a lot, run, swim, lift, bike.
  7. i know this isn't really a diet tip but i find that getting plenty of sleep helps you lose weight.....lack of sleep makes you retain water/bloat/feel nasty whereas i find that i lose weight while i sleep

    i think the most important diet tip is to make sure that you actually do eat enough......i didn't eat in high school and i lost like 40 pounds but i was so unhappy (i was like 100 pounds and i thought i was incredibly fat....) and once i started eating again i gained it all back, and even though i eat tiny amounts my body stores everything i eat as excess weight (not eating messes with ur metabolism)
  8. I agree. Exercise is a crucial part of losing weight.

    I don't believe in "dieting". Just make healthy choices and incorporate physical activity in your life. Cut out processed, sugary foods and eat clean - whole, natural foods, such as whole grains, fish, lean meats, olive oil, nuts & seeds, low fat dairy. Drink a lot of water. Make sure you eat enough to keep you satisfied all day, so that late at night you don't get cravings and binge. Low-calorie diets tend to backfire easily. And don't deprive yourself of what you love. You want to go out with friends once a week for a couple of drinks? Go ahead, just don't overdo it. We get so caught up in trying to put what foods we eat in the "good" or "bad" category, which can lead to a negative relationship with food. Food is good for you :nuts:
  9. Yes! But diet really is important still. It doesn't matter how much you run if you consume 2000 extra calories each day :P

    To me it's about a balanced diet (with treats every now and then) and working out lots. It works for me ;)
  10. I think it's more about lifestyle than a diet. I gained a bunch of weight when I quit smoking. So, I took a good hard look at what I was putting into my body, and changed it. I try to eat healthy, and stay away from fatty food. I also work out by running, and lifting weights. Since I've been laid off for winter, I did put on about 5 lbs. :sad: Too much playing on the computer...
  11. Agree wholeheartedly about the exercise component! I feel so much better when I exercise consistently. I would also add: eating a good breakfast, with protein and carbs, etc. helps me eat less throughout the day. Carbonated drinks make me blow up, so I drink alot of Fruit2O. I think moderation is the key when choosing what you eat.
  12. Moderation, that seems to be the hardest part... lol
  13. Water, water and more water.

    Cut out all the sweets and junk.
  14. Two years ago I was able to lose about 35 pounds of "baby weight" (only 6 years after my son was born, LOL!). I've found that cutting back on the sugar and processed carbs was what did the trick for me. I don't "diet" anymore but do watch my portion sizes. I'd second what everyone else has said about lifestyle changes, drinking lots of water, and getting some exercise each day. Also don't cut too much fat. Your body and brain need fat and it will help you feel more satisfied with what you eat. Also a lot of "low fat" foods are high in sugar and sodium, and will play havoc with your blood sugar, which can make your body tend to retain weight.
  15. I create a calorie deficit in my diet. 500/day = 3500/week, which is 1 lb. I make sure not to cut too many, but to cut just enough. I also am at the gym about 5-6 days a week now. :smile: Usually doing intense cardio ( like, over 45 min of it) 2-3 times a week, and less intense cardio ( like 25-30 min) and weights for my arms. :smile: I don't believe in cutting carbs, not for very long anyways- because it's noooo good for your body. Your body needs it's glucose ladies! Just get it from good sources.