Losing weight after having a baby????

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  1. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my first child,a little boy. As excited as I am about his coming,I am wildly frustrated by my current shape and size!!

    Fashion is one of my great pleasures in life,but I don't even want to think of it while I have a physical deformity:rolleyes: . Plus I have gained weight just about everywhere.

    I haven't posted here for quite a while...I thought I'd carry on doing bags,shoes and accessories while pregnant but I need to be dressed beautifully in order to want to wear new accessories too. Don't get me wrong...I have bought the prettiest and most flattering maternity wear i can find and I look after myself and do my best still to look good,but i cannot bring myself to buy anything really exciting.

    Fortunately I have enough bags and shoes and jewellery that I've never worn,to wear something new each week until my due date :P .

    In the meantime my shopping urges are satisfied by buying things for my little boy :heart: .

    Anyway,after this long intro....the day to which I look forward most is the day when I can start losing my bulk!!

    I need tips ladies...I'll be breastfeeding,so that's good for -500 calories a day...I'll be exercising (what exercise did you do?)....and I'll be busy,I suppose...

    Any hints,tips,stories about losing weight after baby???

    I need ME back!!!:crybaby:
  2. My sister just had her third baby this past June. She got her a pilates tape and she said it is really helping her get back in shape. She said it really helps you lose the weight around your stomach.
  3. First of all... CONGRATULATIONS:yahoo: How exciting!!! Boys are so sweet and fun. I wouldn't worry about losing weight after a baby. You will be sooooo busy the weight will come off naturally within time. Also, for me, it was breastfeeding. Good luck with rest of your pregnancy and EAT well.:heart:
  4. Congratulations! Im in the same situation and feel the same way as you, except this is my third, and I know not to get too scared. The weight will come off. ESPECIALLY if you feel the way you do. Breastfeeding helps a lot too! I am 27 weeks right now and I havent felt like carrying a lot of my bags (especially some handheld favorites). Its enough carrying the weight of the baby! Plus I dont wear heels as often and some of my bags just dont look good with flats or sneakers (or UGGS LOL). I cant wait to start losing the weight too!

    My first baby, I gained the most. I gained so much that I thought I'd NEVER get back in shape. I felt my body was disfigured! I gave away ALL my jeans!!! (they looked so tiny to me) Meanwhile I lost all my baby weight PLUS SOME within 8 mos. So, lesson learned for 2nd baby. I put all my jeans in a trunk and waited to fit into them. Same thing for this baby. I know I will get back in shape and I can't wait to start!

    Oh and Im having a BOY too!
    PS, I didnt gain as much this pregnancy only because I eliminated junk food/doughnuts, chips, etc. BUT I have definitely enjoyed eating PLENTY OF FOOD! That's one of the perks of pregnancy!
  5. I knoq quite a few pregnant women right now feeling the same way... you will lose the weight!

    I do not have personal experince, but my mom put on 90 lbs with my youngest brother- and lost it all! It can be done!!
  6. My advice is be careful not to over indulge. Gain a healthy amount of weight FOR YOU, but w/ a single baby, there's no need to gain 50+lbs.
    I gained 27 lbs w/ my singleton and 29lbs w/ my twins.
    I nursed in the hopsital both times and then at home.
    I lost the weight within 6 weeks w/ my first baby.
    And I lost all but 4 pounds w/ the twins in the first 5 days!!! {obviously the 29 lbs was almost all baby, they were about 7lbs each, not including amniotic fluid, increased blood, etc. . .
    Your body will snap back MUST faster if you nurse exclusively, also you'll burn/lose the extra calories, but it's REALLY important to eat extra calories while breastfeeding otherwise your milk production will suffer, as will your health.
  7. ^^ Thats the best advise swanky.. nurse your baby exclusively and ull burn all your bodyfat very fast!!
  8. I agree with all of those who mentioned breastfeeding. I had my little guy in June 05. I gained 28 pounds and he was almost 9 pounds when he was born. When I left the hospital, I was only 7 pounds more than my pre-preg weight and I lost those 7lbs within the first two weeks. However, that being said, it was still a good 3-4 months before my clothes actually fit right again.
  9. I gained 50 pounds with my 6lb. 13oz. baby! I'm dating myself here, but what really got the "baby fat" off me was working out to Jane Fonda's aerobic workout tapes. I lost all but 10 pounds in the first 4 months. The last ten took another two months because I went back to work and just couldn't find the time for the 45 minute workout tapes after being at work all day. I kept to veggies and lean proteins for my meals, light on the carbs. It worked for me. I was unable to breastfeed for several reasons, so that wasn't an option for me re: losing weight. Though it did help with regard to lifting the food restrictions put on breastfeeding mothers.
  10. It takes time, I have 4 kids. After I stopped nursing I lost my weight. For most people, it's the opposite. My youngest will be 13 months tomorrow and I'm only nursing him once a day. I only nurse at around 5 in the morning to get him back to sleep, my doctor told me to stop doing that, but I value my sleep and he's my last baby! There would be days where I don't nurse and I've already began to lose my butt and the weight in my thighs. I've finally fit back into my size 28 jeans.

    Don't worry about your weight now. Value the feeling of having that baby inside of you. Also, enjoy your freedom now, go out for dinner LOTS with your husband. Take mini vacations, and just pamper yourself!
  11. Yes,I agree. i put on about 14 kilos and my doc was like: Oh my, you put on too much weight, blabla, and after giving birth I lost around 15 kilos within the first three months, so she thought I lost it too quickly (this was only from nursing and walking).
    I started doing ballet and pilates, and I never worried about my shape. SO what, you can get back into shape right???

    Btw, enjoy the peace and time for yourself now - it just doesn't happen that way afterwards :smile:. (but the best ever"!!!!!!)